Kitchen Trends 2018 – Ideas & Inspiration

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Kitchen Trends 2018 – Ideas & Inspiration

There was a time when kitchens were hidden rooms in the back of the house. With the functions of preparing the meals and washing the dirty dishes. Fortunately, that time is behind us. Nowadays, kitchens are an essential part of the living and dining areas, and crucial for entertaining. As such, they are subject to interior design trends and new technologies which are constantly evolving. If you want your kitchen to be up-to-date with all the novelties in the design world, here are some trends you need to know. Perhaps, they’ll inspire you to opt for a kitchen makeover.These are the Kitchen trends 2018 – ideas & inspiration.

Streamlining the design

Kitchen Trends 2018 - Ideas & Inspiration- Streamlining the design

Farmhouse kitchens are beloved because of their natural warmth and elaborate design. However, after a stressful day at work and traffic jams on the way home. All we want is to come home to a stress-free environment which is best represented by minimalism. The kitchens of 2018 will, therefore, feature simple design, textures, and materials. There is even a growing trend of removing the upper wall cabinets to open up the visual space and make the kitchen look bigger and brighter.

Kitchens are becoming smart

Kitchen Trends 2018 - Ideas & Inspiration-White modern kitchen

Smart technologies are so present in our lives that it shouldn’t be a surprise they have found their way into our kitchens, as well. The modern-day kitchens will be equipped with fancy appliances and gadgets that are designed to make our lives easier. Some of the examples are refrigerators that alert you when you are running low on groceries, sensor-triggered kitchen faucets, a coffee maker that can prepare your coffee for the time you wake up, etc.

Emphasis on saving energy

Kitchen Trends 2018 - Ideas & Inspiration- modern kitchen with eco-friendly appliances

While most smart appliances are also capable of saving energy, there is still a strong emphasis on searching for Energy Star rated appliances and insisting on energy-efficient and eco-friendly features. This is the reason why electrical ranges are left far behind the gas-powered ranges, which are a greener and more cost-efficient option. Choosing a natural gas connection over electricity is the right thing to do in a 2018 kitchen.

Kitchen islands as the hub of the kitchen

Kitchen Trends 2018 - Ideas & Inspiration- Kitchen island as main centre of attraction

Kitchen islands were always something that was squeezed into the space to allow more countertop room. However, this year has made them the focal point. The kitchen island now serves multiple purposes, including storage space and under-counter appliances.

Metallic touches

A sophisticated kitchen will undoubtedly be the focal point of the entire open concept. That’s why metallic touches will be more popular than ever. They will appear in the form of shimmering wall tiles, cabinet door handles, statement lighting and other high-gloss items. While silver will still be the neutral of the metallics, warmer hues like gold, rose gold, copper, and brass will be the stars of the show.

Unicorn magic in the kitchen

Kitchen Trends 2018 - Ideas & Inspiration- Purple kitchen island


If you have spent at least ten minutes browsing the web last year, you must have noticed that unicorns were a big deal. You can bring some of this unicorn magic into your kitchen with a little help from bright whites, pastels, gold accents, glass tiling and glitter paint.

Inspired by nature

Kitchen Trends 2018 - Ideas & Inspiration- kitchen island with natural wooden top

Kitchen Trends 2018 – Ideas & Inspiration

In the last couple of years, we noticed that the interior design is trying to reconnect us with nature. Kitchens are no exceptions. The eco look is achieved through natural materials, such as bamboo and wood, and plenty of foliage. This style combines the rustic spirit of the classic country kitchen with a passion for the outdoors.

The walls come to life

Botanical walls are a natural extension of the nature-inspired kitchens, but they can also work as an independent trend. They are popular because of the striking visual effect, air purification and acoustic absorption. The latter one is particularly characteristic for moss walls.

Industrial look

A complete opposite of the earlier mentioned “unicorn look,” the industrial style still creates definition and individuality. It is characterized by features like concrete finishes, black grip ledge handles, stainless steel appliances, grey backsplash, and open metal frame racks for storage.

Now that you have some idea of what’s new in the kitchen realm, you can go ahead and treat the heart of your home with a facelift that will launch it straight to the present moment.



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