Learn from the Most Popular Aussie Bathroom Design Trends

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Learn from the Most Popular Aussie Bathroom Design Trends

There are plenty of interesting trends the world can pick up from The Land Down Under, from beauty and skincare to lifestyle and self-care. However, innovation in home design is also something that makes Australia a trendsetter. More specifically, the attitude which Aussies have when it comes to their self-care and quality “alone” time has seeped into other spheres of their lives. For starters, this means that Aussies are well aware of the influence their personal environment can have on their well-being, which is precisely why proper home design is so important. As you probably already know, there’s not a space more intimate in your home than the bathroom, which is why Australians pay special attention to bathroom design. If you’ve been thinking about redesigning your own bathroom, why not look for inspiration from the most popular Australian bathroom design trends?

Go for bigger natural stone tiles

In case you’re interested in changing your bathroom tiles in an upcoming redesign project, the best choice to go with is undoubtedly natural stone. The material is durable and easy to clean. What’s more, it looks absolutely amazing for creating various bathroom styles, from zen to modern, and acts as a great mixer for different styles as well. However, try to go for bigger stone tiles, because the larger tile surface is definitely one of the main trends this year when it comes to Australian bathrooms and even kitchens.

A true spa feel

Bathroom design has gone beyond practical, and while it still needs proper functionality, the demand for a relaxing spa-like atmosphere is overwhelming. This is also one of the reasons why the previously mentioned natural stone tiles are so popular.

Learn from the Most Popular Aussie Bathroom Design Trends- A true spa feel

But the key for this trend is to stay minimal in design, with smart storage solutions in order to avoid mess or clutter in your bathroom. Therefore, utilizing the space well, as well as introducing natural elements with minimalism in mind, is a great way to apply the so-called “escapism” trend to this area of your home.

3D tiles for futuristic homes

If you have quite a defined and specific taste when it comes to home design in general, and want your bathroom to match the look, using 3D tiles may just be the solution you’ve been looking for. For starters, bathroom renovations Sydney professionals can definitely create something truly unique and artistic for your ideal bathroom so that even this room in your home has a personal and artistic touch to it that no one else can beat.

Embrace the monochrome

A monochromatic scheme is perfect for bathroom design, and Aussie homeowners are well aware of this. When you combine darker and lighter tones, you have the freedom to create different styles depending on the other details and accessories you want to add. You can keep the minimal appearance and go for a contemporary look, you can go with pops of colour when you feel like it, or still strive to create the relaxing spa look – it’s all up to you, and a monochromatic scheme makes it all possible.


Simplicity in bathroom design may be the most obvious and popular trend among homeowners. Again, keeping it simple allows you to incorporate various details that will effectively act as statement pieces without having the original qualities of a statement piece. By keeping things simple, you automatically create the boldness and effectiveness of the items and details you choose to incorporate into your bathroom look.

Learn from the Most Popular Aussie Bathroom Design Trends- Simplicity

There’s nothing like a refreshing shower or bath after a long day to help you unwind and soothe your muscles and mind. So, why not take this amazing feeling up a notch, and use the design and the environment to enhance the overall soothing effect?

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