How did you learn about sex?

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How did you learn about sex?

‘The Talk’ is a rite of passage dreaded equally by parents and kids alike.  Some parents dodged that bullet through no effort of their own. There will be an older sibling that will do the work for them. Some kids never get ‘The Talk’, maybe because the time wasn’t right or the parents are shy. Some kids get to learn about sex at their school, where the school has a sex-ed programme in place. However, this is not the case with all schools as parents resist sex-ed as a necessary part of the school curriculum.

Do you still remember how you learned about sex?

This is the focus of a new video from Time featuring legendary sex therapist Ruth Westheimer, PH.D. The video was produced in conjunction with research the magazine did on the topic of sex education. An issue that is still fiercely debated in schools across the world.

In this video, Westheimer along with a diverse group of people, candidly share their stories on how they learned about sex, or how their sex journey started. The rite of passage much dreaded by kids and parents alike is often swiftly brushed on or omitted if possible

Westheimer says that as a kid she believed the stork brought babies to the world. One gentleman heard it from his older brother that you could get pregnant by eating watermelon seeds. In another instance one woman who ‘accidently’ learned about sex via the Playboy channel when her family got cable. Want to listen to more stories, watch the video below.


How then did you learn about sex? Share with us how learned about it….


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