Leo – The Zodiac Rising Sign

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Leo – The Zodiac Rising Sign

The zodiac sign rising on the Eastern horizon when a person is born is termed his or her Rising Sign. This ascending sign at the moment of birth is also called the Ascendant.

The Rising Sign plays a major role in deciding about the natives’ bodily features, characteristic traits, thinking, and lifestyle, and so assumes much significance in astrological analysis and predictions. Let us learn something about the Leo Rising Sign and its natives here. Leo – the zodiac rising sign.

The Royal Leo

Leo is the king, and there is more than one reason to regard the sign as so. Leo is ruled by the Sun, the lord of the planets, while it has a lion, the king of the jungle, as its symbol. So, it is no surprise that Leos remain natural leaders. This fifth sign of the zodiac is also fiery, being a Fire sign.

The Leo-born are nothing if not authoritative, which may reflect in the way they carry themselves, their tone, tenor, and behaviour. After all, they are regal entities, and might not hesitate to make it obvious, too. With their charisma and personal magnetism, they could stand out even in a crowd. But these people are also as noble as they are royal. So, they generally remain broad-minded and generous. And this generosity can come out quite forcefully in the form of attention, affection, time, and money that the Leos will be ready to invest in those they consider deserving. On this count, these people can even be accused of being lavish.

The Leos could ooze with self-confidence, and that can make them commanding personalities. With their determination adding power to this supreme confidence, they might often turn out to be big achievers. But on the flip side, the Leos can be arrogant and intolerant, too.

Their courage and confidence also tend to make Leos proud and overbearing, look down upon ‘lesser mortals,’ and be dismissive of those who do not share their views. So, they might often come across as bossy even in their friend circle. They could also be impulsive and quick to fly into a rage, throw temper tantrums, and jump to conclusions. But these people have the ability to regain control over themselves equally fast. The Leos are also very demonstrative in whatever they do and so might remain a talking point, for right or wrong reasons.

Though open and of sunny disposition, the Leos can be very stubborn, too. But this could give them immense tenacity, which remains one of their vital assets. With their energy and enthusiasm, they can go the whole hog to get what they want in life.

Leos are creative entities with a generous dose of romanticism in them. Many of them may possess some talent in fine arts like music, acting, etc. With their confidence driving them to be highly competitive, there are also chances for a few of them to become accomplished artists. And their romantic instincts can make them intense lovers or at least, ‘compulsive’ dreamers.

All said and done, Leos generally remain respectable individuals, patient, accommodative, and loyal to the core.

Special Characteristics

The Leos are bear striking physical features and youthful disposition, in general. They are particular about the way they look and dress well to present themselves as attractive and appealing. Beyond all the aura of authority and royalty surrounding them, the Leos are children at heart and spread their child-like mirth all around them.

But here is a word of caution for them. These people are prone to overdoing things and so might suffer from health concerns like anxiety and heart problems.

Man of Leo Rising Sun

The Leo men could be brave, or at least they may appear so. The bold can also be genuine and generous, but the other ones might only be selfish and mediocre. However, the Leo males are generally strong and bright and could be true to themselves and others. Their positivity and optimism can drive them to achieve some distinction in any sphere of activity they are engaged in.

Woman of Leo Rising Sun

Leo women are usually good-looking and take particular care to look attractive, adorning themselves with colourful clothes and glittering jewels. But they could be naïve enough to fall for male flattery and pay the price for it.

Child of Leo Rising Sun

The Leo child would seek attention and love to be in the limelight. Even the young Leos may have strong self-esteem and strive for some leadership position from the word go. So the elders should ensure that they don’t trample on the child’s small ego in any way and instead help the child grow in courage and confidence.

Rising Sign Calculator

Rising Sign Calculator is a simple computer system designed to arrive at a person’s Rising Sign. It receives the details of the place of birth of people, date, and moment of birth – works out and provides them with their Rising Signs for their use and benefit.

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