Let’s Talk About Period Sex

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Let’s Talk About Period Sex

Shark week has arrived, and you may think yourself doomed to a week without lovin’. There is a ‘closed for business’ sign flashing around your vagina as you curse your reproductive organs for raining on your sex parade. Let’s Talk About Period Sex!

A lot of us turn our noses up at the idea of period sex, for a plethora of reasons. Some, believe it to be unclean or unhygienic (false). Some think it will make their pain worse (Not always true, in many cases it can actually alleviate pain). Some pass out at the sight of blood (Okay, we will give you a pass on this one).

We have been somewhat brainwashed into the notion that menstruation is dirty, unclean or should be suppressed. This dates all the way back to Leviticus 15:19-33. “Whenever a woman has her menstrual period, she will be ceremonially unclean for seven days. Anyone who touches her during that time will be unclean until evening.”. It is 2018, about time we start re-thinking these outdated notions.

At the end of the day, if it is you simply do not feel comfortable with period sex; that is your prerogative. But lets’ talk about why we might embrace the unusual joy that is period sex.

Let's Talk About Period Sex

Orgasms can ease back pain, cramps and symptoms of PMS

Orgasms cause the release of oxytocin and dopamine along with various endorphins that not only activate the pleasure centres of the brain but can also alleviate pain, including those debilitating cramps. If you can work in a lower back massage as part of the foreplay, you might find yourself a completely relaxed puddle of goo after the whole experience. It’s worth noting that this is not the reality for every woman, but you’ll never know until you try.

Let's Talk About Period Sex

It can decrease the length of your period

Contractions of the vaginal wall and uterine muscles caused by both penetration and orgasm can speed the release of menstrual blood. Hallelujah, it’s the cure we have been waiting for! If you could decrease your period potentially by DAYS, why wouldn’t you seize that opportunity?

It forces you out of your comfort zones and is a highly intimate experience.

For many, this might be a completely new and possibly terrifying or intimidating experience.

It may bring you closer, and enhance feelings of intimacy between yourself and your partner. It may allow you to break down barriers and really express feelings of love and acceptance of each other in all of your states of being. It also takes communication and understanding, vital elements of any relationship.

This statement comes from a study on menstrual sex conducted in 2013:

“The first time it happened it was like, ‘Oh my God’, a totally different experience. It was better than anything I’ve ever known. In your mind you’re like, ‘That’s a bloody mess!’ In my heart it was like, damn, she doesn’t really care, she really loves me, cause she doesn’t care if I’m bleeding or not, and I don’t care if she is.” – (Fahs, 2013)

Let's Talk About Period Sex

But what about the mess? It’s gross!?

You know what is also subjectively pretty gross? Regular sex.

Period sex is rarely as messy as you anticipate. However, the human body is an unpredictable enigma, so always prepare for the worst/hope for the best. Just a reminder that there is nothing unhygienic or toxic about period blood, no harm has been caused to any penises in the advent of period sex. It is still recommended to give yourself a wash down there afterwards. But that’s just plain hygiene. If you’re freaking out over bodily fluids, perhaps you need to remind yourself what semen is.

I’m going to hit you with some gross truths for those playing along who have never had a period. Sometimes it’s chunky. Other times it’s brown. And yes, sometimes it looks like a Tarantino film. That’s just how it is. It might not be ‘hot’ or ‘sexy’, but it’s worth mentioning that being hot and sexy all the time is not the price you pay to be a sexually active woman.

If you’re concerned about ruining your nice sheets, you can put down a towel, or alternatively, do it in the shower. If your partner is a little apprehensive about the idea of period sex, maybe start with the tail ends of the cycle where the flow is the lightest, or do it with the lights off.

Let's Talk About Period Sex

Built in natural lubrication:

I’m sure most of you just pulled a face, but it’s true. Particularly for women who might not lubricate naturally as easily as others, menstrual fluids can provide a viscous and efficient lubrication. Lube is expensive, why not use what comes naturally?

Women tend to get hornier during their period.

It’s a blessing and a curse. Changes in hormones can make some women feel more sexually aroused and ready to pounce on the nearest hot-blooded human.  These feels are somewhat diminished by the fact that for at least the first few days, you typically feel like an extremely un-sexy, bloated manatee. Sexual attention, and being admired during this time in which you are not feeling at your peak attractiveness can be a wonderful confidence boost.

Another noted benefit, the risk of pregnancy is significantly decreased. Note you CAN still get pregnant on your period, I repeat you CAN still get pregnant on your period, however, the risk is much, much lower. Depending on your cycle (and everyone varies slightly) you will be unlikely to be simultaneously menstruating and ovulating. We do advocate for safe sex regardless.

Period masturbation.

There. I said it.

This has all the benefits of period sex, but without the potential freak out from your partner, and having to be concerned about what they are thinking. As well as you being in control, you can take your time and really listen to your own body, give yourself some well-needed self-care. Same goes for the mess, you can put down a towel, or treat yourself to a relaxing bath. As well as helping to alleviate cramps, period masturbation (and masturbation in general) can help you to fall asleep, those feel-good hormones released by orgasm can help to induce tiredness and relaxation and a sense of calm.

“When the river runs red take the dirt track instead’

Come on lads, this one I just don’t understand. I’m an advocate for all types of consensual and NON-conventional sex, including anal sex. However, there needs to be some serious revaluation if you get squeamish about period blood, but anal doesn’t make you blink an eye. If you would like to spend a week taking it up the butt, power to you babe.

Wave the red flag, ladies! Let’s subvert some poisonous attitudes about menstruation, and get jiggy with it at ALL times of the month!

Let's Talk About Period Sex

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