Life, love and fashion follies

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Life, love and fashion follies

Women have taken to toe surgery to wear Jimmy Choos, in the surface it seems a shallow and superficial move but before passing any judgment let’s read on.

Hundreds of women are having their toes shortened surgically to fit into high heels, podiatric surgeons say. Toes are also being lengthened, and some women are also injecting filler into the soles of the feet so they can wear high heels for longer.

Toe shortening is on the rise, podiatric surgeon Paul Bours has gone from performing 70 toe shortening procedures a year in 2003 to about 450.

The procedure requires a local anaesthetic by using new minimal invasive surgery that requires only a two-millimeter incision. Then it’s only a matter of grinding the toe to shorten it.

High fashion shoes are designed for the classic foot shape; where the big toe was longer than the rest. For those of us that have different shape feet it becomes a problem when try wearing designer shoes that only comply to the classic foot shape.

Women also want this toe procedure done because they believe their feet are badly shaped with unusually long or short toes that don’t look good in sandals.

At first glance, this procedure seems rather preposterous, but what most of us don’t realize is that having long or short toes, or abnormally shaped feet, ends up causing problems because most shoes are shaped for those who have ‘classic’ shaped feet, the rest suffered quietly in pain until now of course.

At least toe surgery can prevent women with abnormally shaped feet to later experience serious foot problems. As we know, women would insist on wearing high heel shoes anyway.

Many women wear high heels because it gives them height and in certain situations such as, women in the business world, empowerment.


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