Life Saving Idea For Detachable Cabin

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Life Saving Idea For Detachable Cabin

A Russian inventor,Vladimir Tatarenko, has showcased an idea for a detachable cabin he believes could save lives during an air crash.

The cabin would detach from the rest of the plane and safely land on the ground or water with the aid of attached parachutes, boosters and rubber tubes which would automatically inflate on water.

This video demonstrating how the detachable cabin idea would work during an aviation emergency.

The aviation engineer has reportedly been working on the project for three years and believes his concept could help save many lives.

His design includes space at the bottom of the detachable cabin where passengers’ luggage can be stored. A nice touch, so you can land happily with all your bags.

The idea, however, was met with some criticism. There’s been some scepticism about the practicality of the design, questions like:

What would happen if the plane crashed over mountains or a city?

Or what would happen to the pilots?

All valid questions but questions that engineers  have already or will address. In general this seems like an awesome idea and hopefully will be put in place very soon.

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