Loneliness is the Modern Killer – How do we Fight it?

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Loneliness is the Modern Killer – How do we Fight it?

As a species, humans evolved from a very tight-knit social existence. The very reason we exist is that our ancestors were really good at cooperating within a tribe. If we were left alone we would become depressed and anxious for an incredibly good reason, we were in terrible danger. Those are still the instincts we still have. Somewhere along the way, we convinced ourselves that we can live alone, be alone. However, that’s not the species we are, live a Bee needs its Hive, we need our tribe. The modern world has made us more lonely than ever. Technology has many positive effects, but there are many negative ones that we need to address. With the increasing time we spend in front of screens we have become time-poor to spend it socialising. Rendering us more lonely. Loneliness is the modern killer – How do we fight it?

In this thought-provoking video below from Think Big author and journalist, Johann Hari, explains how our natural, tribal social instincts can cause us to slip into depression, yet ironically, they are the same instincts we can rely on to help pull us out.


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