How to Look Glamorous for an Evening Party

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How to Look Glamorous for an Evening Party

Evening parties can be pretty excruciating, especially if you’re dreading finding something to wear. The goal of most women is to dress to blend in with everyone else, but it’s time to embrace your glamorous side and have a little fun: these easy tips will have you looking your best and shining like the belle of the ball.  Learn how to look glamorous for an evening party.


If you want to look glamorous, then your dress has to be something special. You don’t want to show up wearing the same dress as three other women, so spend the time finding a unique dress that you really love. It’s a great idea to find evening dresses online, because you have tons more selection and options than boutiques near you. You should also make sure your gown fits you well because you absolutely don’t want to be adjusting and readjusting all night. Spend some time figuring out what shape works best for your body type, and give yourself plenty of time to exchange it if it doesn’t fit like a glove—no one ever saw Marilyn Monroe in anything less than a dress that looked like it was made for her.


Ahh, the shoes; if you don’t think shoes are key to glamour, check in with Carrie Bradshaw. Dressing up in a beautiful gown and then pairing it with cheap, boring shoes is like only getting halfway dressed for the party. Ladies, find the joy in shoes again: find a beautiful, comfortable pair of heels (yes, they exist) and the party will become so much more enjoyable. Your feet won’t be aching and swollen, you’ll actually get to dance, you’ll get to enjoy the party and make yourself more enjoyable to be around. Which, as you know, is the whole point of a party.



Accessories are the icing on the cake, but can actually make or break an outfit. If you’ve gone through the effort of finding the right dress and shoes but then pile on three pounds of gold jewellery, it could really detract from your appearance. Keep it minimal and purposeful: choose a necklace that highlights your neck, or earrings that bring out the silver in your gown. Glamorous women choose quality pieces that help them shine but don’t overwhelm them.


So, what’s the secret to looking glamorous at an evening party? Wearing your best asset, which is your confidence and killer smile. Confidence is alluring and sexy and impossible to replicate, even with designer clothing and expensive jewellery, so get out there and strut your stuff. You’ll have a much better time than sitting timidly at the table, and you’ll leave a lasting impression on the other guests.

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