Look Like a Celebrity in Everyday Life

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Look Like a Celebrity in Everyday Life

Radiant smiles, seductive eyes, perfect skin, gorgeous hair and trendy outfits. Yes, we’re talking about celebrities who somehow keep charming us with their ever-so-glamorous looks. And even though they have their off days, they still manage to keep their unique sense of style and enticing charms. If you think that it’s all thanks to their professional stylists, you’re wrong. In fact, all celebrities know the importance of proper self-care and finding your unique expression in fashion. Thus, if you want a celebrity-inspired look, you should implement their secrets into your everyday routine. Look like a celebrity in everyday life.

Look Like a Celebrity in Everyday Life

An enchanting makeup look

Different celebrities have different makeup looks that perfectly suit their facial features. It’s important that you know what type of makeup style will suit you the best. And you have a world of options that will make you look like a celebrity.
If you want to go with a more authentic appeal, you can use a lipstick in a dark, conspicuous hue just like Kylie Jenner. However, make sure to balance it out with other neutral details. If you want to accentuate your eyes, try using a bold, glittery eyeshadow for special occasions while a dark eyeliner will be just perfect for daily events.
On the other hand, if you want to follow in the footsteps of celebrities, such as Solange Knowles, who’ve embraced natural looks, subtle and gentle makeup is the key. A touch of skin-coloured gloss on the lips in combination with airbrushed skin will be just perfect.

The perfect hairstyle

Look Like a Celebrity in Everyday Life

Whether they’re wearing a casual bun or a relaxed bob, celebrities know how to create perfect hairstyles. So, if you want to look like a celeb, it’s time you tried something new. For example, you can go with sleek feature bangs like Kerry Washington. All you need is a small flat iron and a round brush to keep them neat and stylish. On the other hand, if you’ve always wanted Beyoncé-inspired long hair, you don’t need to spend years waiting for your hair to grow. Instead, you can just use beautiful clip in human hair extensions that will give volume and length to your hair without looking fake. Afterwards, use a few drops of hair serum to your mid-lengths and ends to truly make them shine. Whichever hairstyle you choose, make sure that it suits your personality because only then will you feel and look like a celebrity.

The natural, healthy skincare regime

If you’ve ever wondered how come celebrities have flawless skin, their secret lies in organic, healthy care routine. Switching to products based on natural ingredients will provide your skin with nutrients necessary for its natural regeneration process. You should come up with a routine that suits your skin type, especially if you have sensitive skin. Avoid using too many products and definitely eliminate those based on different chemicals. Instead, stick to a minimalist approach that combines just a few quality products. Japanese celebrities, who have youthful, smooth skin, follow a simple routine that consists of regular moisturising, cleansing in the evening, exfoliating no more than three times per week and using serums for special treatments. Most importantly, make sure to apply sunscreen regularly to protect your skin from premature ageing and harmful effects of UV radiation.

A personal fashion style

Look Like a Celebrity in Everyday Life

You don’t need to completely revamp your closet and buy new clothes in order to have celebrity-worthy outfits. All you need to do is wear your existing pieces like a star. One of the oldest tricks in the book is opting for monochromatic outfits that will accentuate your body figure and give you a subtle yet flattering look. You can spice things up with statement accessories, like Olivia Palermo, that will reflect your personal taste. Whether it’s an enticing scarf for a pop of colour or elegant layers of necklaces, it’s important that you keep it tasteful and moderate.
Another useful celeb-inspired trick is to use unexpected pieces to style up a seemingly regular outfit. For example, a classic combination of jeans and a simple T-shirt will gain a completely new dimension if you pair it up with a stunning coat. Most importantly, make sure to pick pieces that reflect your personality. This way, you’ll truly have a distinctive, stylish look.

Achieving a celebrity-inspired look is not at all difficult. All you need to do is find what works for you and stick to some simple, but essential self-care steps.

Brigitte Evans

Brigitte Evans is a Cosmetic Skin Care Consultant and a writer from Australia, with a sweet tooth for makeup and everything sparkly.

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