Luxurious Cottage Home Designs That Will Floor You

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Luxurious Cottage Home Designs That Will Floor You

Cottages remind you of the traditional English thatched cottage with multi-pane windows and steep gabled roofs.  Typically, you will find the presence of a stone feature in a traditional and quaint English cottage with a historic look. Thanks to the old-world charm, there is a growing interest and increasing demand for cottage home designs. These traditional designs are being applied to modern construction. The reason behind it is to get the best of both worlds.  It gives both a proper vintage look and provides decent space and convenience. These are some luxurious cottage home designs that will floor you. Before that, let’s dwell on a brief history of cottage homes.

A brief history of cottage homes

Luxurious Cottage Home Designs That Will Floor You- Cottage Home Designs

Going back in time, we find that originally, the cottages housed agricultural workers in the ‘Middle Ages’. They were smaller peasant units for workers and their families to live in. In those days, the small stand-alone dwelling made of stone was a complete farmhouse which consisted of a yard. The cottages were often built in rural locations in the UK and were laid out along the village street. Later, the cottage home designs were further developed in the USA and used as residential child care communities.

The warm and welcoming cottage home

The cottage home designs have advanced and developed over the years. Today, most homeowners look for cottage home designs so that they plan a secondary home or a residence for vacation. One can go for different designs and plans and ask for a customized look as per their needs. There are so many different options and styles available today in the cottage home plans. You can look for easy and convenient liveability as well as added privacy.

Luxurious Cottage Home Designs That Will Floor You- Cottage Home Designs

  • One can go for a covered front porch and the master bedroom at the back for added privacy. You can look forward to spending quiet moments with your family and enjoy a relaxing evening.
  • If you are a busy person, you can go for an open layout between the main living areas for added convenience and relaxation.
  • One can add a bigger porch for added outdoor living and entertaining space with an easy-going layout that makes the cottage house look larger than it is.
  • Double-hung windows and a vast porch add plenty of natural light and character to the home design, and a sizable media room is just perfect for hanging out in the evenings.
  • Go for an open layout if you are looking for higher convenience and more relaxation, and it is a smart choice to use features like large kitchen island within a cottage styled home.
  • A two-story beach style cottage with open kitchen and dining areas is perfectly planned for living spaces. What adds to the luxurious living are scenic views and breezes from the sea.
  • One can also go for a contemporary cottage home design that boasts of a family-friendly layout with extra storage and offers complete comfort and relaxation.

The main attraction of the cottages is the warm and cozy look about them. One can imagine a large kitchen with inviting hearths where the whole family can sit together and enjoy some hot meals. The comfortable porches and ornate gabled roofs ensure an easy-going outdoor living and a closer connection with nature. Most of the cottage home designs come with natural detailing such as stones and shingles that reflect a peaceful ambience. These houses not only look perfect in a rural setting but are equally attractive on the beach or in the mountains.

It is hard to resist the old-fashioned look, and charming curb appeal of the cottage styled homes. One can never get enough of that adorable architecture with an old-fashioned splendour. Typically, one comes across gabled roofs, stone facades and arched doorways in the old-fashioned style of a cottage. These petite cottage home designs not only look charming and picture-perfect but also provide quality as well as a peaceful living space.


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