Luxury Escape to the Magnificent Maldives

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Luxury Escape to the Magnificent Maldives

The Maldives has a stellar reputation for being the archetypal tropical paradise that manages to exceed the wildest expectations. Even if it’s hard to impress you. You will stand in awe of the Maldives if you are visiting for the first time. If you think this is a bold overstatement, take a chance on a luxury escape to the magnificent Maldives.

Luxury Escape to the Magnificent Maldives- Maldives

The lavishing first impressions

The first fragment of this amazing playground in the middle of Indian Ocean you will probably see is the very capital of the Maldives – Malé. This ultra-modern city doesn’t take up too much square footage overall. Even though the cityscape practically covers the entire islet, but it has all the hallmarks of modern tourist hubs that will not leave you wanting. As soon as you touch down on Malé Airport, you’ll probably be prompted to hop on a ride to your resort/accommodation, so you’ll have to delay the exploration of Malé for the time being.

Luxury Escape to the Magnificent Maldives-Maldives

The exciting transfers

And what a ride to the resort it can be! Transfers within the archipelago’s numerous destinations can be quite luxurious and even larger than life. You will probably reach the private island on a seaplane, speedboat or even a helicopter on rare occasions. You are most likely to be greeted with a “welcoming party” of accommodating staffers that will spoil you with decadent beverages as soon as you set foot on the sandy beach.

Luxury Escape to the Magnificent Maldives-Maldives

The ultimate service

When it comes to five-star service, the Maldives take it to a whole other level. The mix of accommodations, amenities and professionalism with staffers is universally stellar across the region. It is not a rare occurrence to be treated with surprising benefits and bonuses. So, it wouldn’t go amiss if you kept a keen eye out for some neat packages that offer a range of colourful features. If you want to chase down superb special deals that won’t skimp on luxurious arrangements, check out Maldives Travel Connection for exquisite bargains that include hedonistic features and nifty bonuses.

Luxury Escape to the Magnificent Maldives- Maldives

Wild vs. conservative

Most resorts boast an assembly of villas that come with private pools. They are usually “gated” areas where you are allowed to get tipsy on masterfully crafted cocktails. Considering that this is a predominantly Sunni Muslim nation and alcoholic beverages are a big no-no beyond “insulated” resort islands. If you truly yearn to get the feel of the local lifestyle, keep this in mind as you roam around the residential islands and especially Malé. When they say no alcohol, they really mean it. If you are here to enjoy wild activities and deluxe service that comes with them. You’ll have to keep it confined to your designated resort.

Luxury Escape to the Magnificent Maldives- Maldives

Island Hopping

In addition, island hopping has become a thing in the Maldives, so you can really go wild with your luxurious adventuring while you are there and savour the best local resorts have to offer. Remember that your time is limited and that you won’t exactly get a chance to hop every day. That wouldn’t be considered quite well-mannered.

Luxury Escape to the Magnificent Maldives Maldives

Plunge into the ocean

Above all else, use every opportunity you have to dive and snorkel! The local diving instructors are very efficient, professional and courteous.  If you’ve never spent time under-water, you will be in good hands. Every square inch of the waters between islets and atolls is brimming with astonishing things to see. The nearly alien landscapes of colourful aquatic flora and fauna that seemingly spreads into infinity. After all, the Maldives are coral islands. There are only a few places in the world that boast such aquatic riches. It would indeed be a waste not to take it all in while you are there.

Luxury Escape to the Magnificent Maldives- Maldives

The vibrant natural colour palette of the Maldives will reinvigorate your spirit and essentially stay embedded in your cornea long after you have left the island paradise. It is so easy to fall in love with this archipelago, you will feel as if you are leaving someone’s warm embrace as you board the plane. Thankfully, the world has never been as connected and far-distant corners are easy to reach if you are ready for an adventure and a return to the ultimate tropical paradise.

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