Luxury House 2019 – How to Win a House in Australia

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Luxury House 2019 – How to Win a House in Australia

Luxurious award-winning homes are usually beyond the financial budgets of most Australians. Luckily, there are many exciting prize draw competitions to be found that give everyone the opportunity to win a dream home. The prize of a unique, customized house always attracts a great deal of attention. The cottage style is proving to be particularly popular.

Distinctive Charm

Australia’s version of a luxury cottage is often compact in size. But includes an upper storey that nestles snugly within the apex roof, with touches of natural stone around the base. It is a design that takes much of its original inspiration from the quaint cottages of rural England. However, the deep slope of the roof, the timbered construction, and the frequent use of exterior balustrades. Are more reminiscent of an Alpine chalet. Combined with the large contemporary windows that typically cover a whole wall. The overall image is one of charm and character.

Spectacular Comfort

Although the luxurious design is ideal in any location. It is particularly suitable for the rugged terrain of the coast or countryside. The external architecture lends itself perfectly to accommodating difficult changes in floor level. Short flights of steps, canopied porches and the use of natural materials add to the picturesque charm. While blending seamlessly with the surrounding landscape. These award-winning homes in such attractive locations are much sought after as second homes. They are not only comfortable retreats from the rigours of everyday life. They provide their owners with the opportunity to earn an additional income by renting them out as holiday accommodation.

Spacious Interior

The compact exterior of a luxury cottage style home usually hides a spacious interior. Customized internal designs offer a wide variety of unique layouts. Some feature separate rooms equipped with contemporary fireplaces to create a cosy atmosphere on the chilly nights of an Australian winter. Other homes have been designed on the popular open-plan layout that is perfect for socialising. Every luxury home features a well-equipped kitchen and bathroom. Futuristic Smart technology with automated voice control to regulate a host of amenities. Including lighting and air conditioning are usually installed as standard. Solar panels provide an ecological and economical use of energy. The rooms in the upper storey feature the sloping ceilings that capture the charm of the traditional English country cottage. Throughout the building, the panoramic windows allow natural light to flood in while affording uninterrupted views of the landscape.

Investment Potential

Although the general housing market can be unpredictable, the luxury sector always offers reliable stability. A home with unique exterior styling and a customized interior. Is consistently in demand by affluent buyers who want a property of distinction. Having the chance to win a dream home of outstanding luxury. Means acquiring a prize that is almost guaranteed to increase in value. Such ultra-modern homes are usually built with regard for ecology. Environmentally-friendly materials such as timber from managed woodlands, natural stone or slate facings from recycled sources. And free energy from the sun contributes to a house that is sympathetic to its surroundings.


Award-winning homes in Australia’s luxury sector take inspiration from traditional cottages but also incorporate contemporary styling and futuristic, ecological amenities. The opportunity to win a dream home in a competition such as your town prize home draw is an exciting prospect. The lucky winner gets a home of immense charm that is also a generous financial investment.

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