Make Vintage Jewellery Sparkle Back to Life

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Make Vintage Jewellery Sparkle Back to Life

A piece of jewellery can hold so much history. As a woman, there is always that pair of earrings you only wear during special occasions. There’s that friendship bracelet given to you by your best friend on your sixteenth birthday. There’s the necklace you bought as a gift for yourself after a job promotion.

When you wear your jewels, you are not merely accessorizing. You are incorporating them into your life– the narratives of today that will eventually become history. This is why seeing your grandmother’s watch, for instance, brings back memories. There is a certain kind of nostalgia that embraces you upon seeing your mother’s pearls on her dresser.

Vintage jewellery inherited from your family members is meaningful for the history they carry, as well as the role of the previous wearer in your life. Oftentimes, the sentimental meaning overshadows the intricate craftsmanship of each piece.

Time takes a toll on jewellery, and they tend to appear less captivating than they are. If you want to immortalize your inherited jewellery in photographs, making them sparkle in pictures requires the help of jewellery retouching service. And if you want to make them sparkle in real life, you either DIY or call in a professional.

Here are some basic maintenance tips on taking care of your vintage jewellery pieces. Make vintage jewellery sparkle back to life.

1. Remove the dust off the pieces.

It’s important to remove the dust off the pieces with a soft brush before using a cleaning solution that matches the metal and stone of your jewellery. You can use a magnifying glass to see the particles that cannot be seen by the naked eye. Take note of any damage. If there is, let a professional fix the jewellery before having it cleaned.

2. Choose a cleaning solution based on the material of your jewellery.

There are different ways of maintaining the beauty of your jewellery, depending on the metal and stones used.

You can use dish detergent as a cleaning solution for plain gold and platinum jewellery. However, dish detergent can loosen the setting of your jewellery, so refrain from using one if your jewellery has gemstones around.

For gold and platinum jewellery that darkened over the years, you can use a solution containing ammonia and water. Only a few stones can take the heat of ammonia though, so be mindful. Make sure the amount of water is greater than the ammonia because ammonia can damage the metal if the solution is too strong or left for too long. Silver jewellery, on the other hand, can be cleaned using diluted baking soda. There are materials that get better by wearing them. For instance, the natural oils from your body can bring back the shine of your pearls.

3. Let it dry

Moisture is the number one adversary of well-maintained jewellery. After cleaning, place the jewellery upside down as you let it dry. It minimizes the possibility of water getting into the setting. Polish with a cloth once dry.

Vintage jewellery has its own charm. Take care of it for it is a treasure you might pass down to the next generation.

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