Make your day special with Custom Made Wedding Rings

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Make your day special with Custom Made Wedding Rings

Your big day is finally here. The family is gathered, the priest is sorting the vows and you and your fiance are just going through a final touch-up and dress adjustment. Most of the times you are floating like you are in a dream. But the truth is you are getting married. Your life will merge with another to create a new sphere. A custom-made perfect engagement ring is beautiful, expressive, and a unique representative of your relationship. Amidst all these, your custom-made wedding rings hold you down to your present and the journey you and your partner embarked on to reach the destination. A custom-made engagement ring is the best purchase option as you can have control over every aspect of the engagement ring you want. Make your day special with custom made rings.

Benefits of getting custom made Wedding Rings

Starting from the dress to the dessert and after-meal drinks served everything you curate to serve as a reminder of your journey. Your favourite songs, your favourite colours and flowers, each aspect of your wedding venue narrates a story but those are for friends and family. They enjoy knowing about the first song you danced to, the meal you had when you decided to go for the first date but the custom-made wedding rings are for yourself. The story behind those rings is extremely personal.

Here are 5 reasons why you should opt for custom made Wedding Rings.

1. Convenient

Instead of spending hours or months staring at ready-made rings and trying to find a connection, the custom-made wedding rings provides you with the convenience of designing from scratch. You can invest the searching time into creating your rings.

2. Liked by both of you

With buying pre-made rings, you have to do a back and forth of selecting, showing, taking the opinion and rejecting as no ring seems right! Also, if you wish to surprise your better half you should opt for custom made wedding rings. The story and the thought that goes behind the creation of the ring will never fail to surprise them. People customize their diamond engagement ring to add sentimental value their partners will treasure forever.

3. Spend more time designing the rings

The wedding ring is symbolic in nature. It symbolizes your oath of togetherness and nothing cements this bond better than wearing your story as your ring. Starting from the moment you turn to a symbol to deciding on the colour and design that makes you feel connected, you can spend more time with your beloved while you design your custom-made wedding rings.

4.The certainty with regards to the ring quality

For this, you need to spend a bit more time with design books or speak to a knowledgeable person. When you opt for custom made wedding rings you are starting from scratch. While reputed jewellery stores will not provide you with anything less than the best, sometimes alterations in the diamond setting make the price high or the grip gets weaker. These are avoided with custom made wedding rings.

5. Fits within the budget

As mentioned above, the price of the wedding ring is high, to begin with, and making changes to the set design to customize it, you are required to pay a higher price. Also, you need to inspect the types of metals, third-party certifications, settings, 4C’s of diamonds, precious stones, shapes and cuts, and so much more. But the custom-made wedding rings fits within the budget because it’s created by you and the designer just brings your creation to life. Be it engravings or choosing a different gemstone, these wedding rings are made to remind you of the love you share. It’s easy to cut down on expenses or get a better value for money by designing your own engagement ring.

Let your custom-made Wedding Rings shine

Every aspect of a wedding takes time and the custom-made wedding rings are no different. The planning of the ring begins the moment you both have agreed to tie the knot. The more time you take, the better the design will be.  But you also need to look for a reputed custom jewellery designer who can breathe life into your symbolic bands.



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