Man Braids Newest Hair Trend For Men

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Man Braids Newest Hair Trend For Men

Man braids seems to be the next thing in men’s hairstyle. Evolving from the ‘man bun’, the style that made its way into male hipster fashion in 2015, man braid is the next hair do for 2016.

Man braids are actually nothing new. Hairstyles come and go, but braided hair is an ancient beauty technique, with a long history that roams across countries, cultures and centuries.

Both men and women through history have sported braids for many different reasons from utility to glamour, or as a badge of social status to ethnicity, marital status and religious affiliation.

In ancient Africa braids were referred to as cornrows. Ancient Egyptians men braids wore braids too. The ‘common’ people wore simpler braids for practical reasons, keeping hair out of their face while working. More elaborate styles denoted wealth and ranking.
Native American Indian men wore braids to prepare spiritually and physically for war. During the times of the Vikings “man braids” were also quite popular.

In modern times, hairstyles aren’t quite so serious, but one thing hasn’t changed: braids are cool. Plus it’s great to see men getting more creative with their hair.

Some men seem to pull off the look but it isn’t for everyone. It takes patience and commitment to first grow your hair out and then to painstakingly learn to put a plait in place. If you want to give braiding your locks a go watch this instructional video on man braids, posted to YouTube last February, in which a young woman demonstrates how to create the hairstyle on her male friend.

Many of the men expressed pride in their skills to braid their own locks – and wanted to show off their talents on Instagram:

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