Matching Curtains to Your Home’s Aesthetic

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Matching Curtains to Your Home’s Aesthetic

Crafting the perfect interior decor can be a complicated creative task and one which requires a lot of thought. The reason being is that there are a lot of different elements which need to come together into one seamless experience. Therefore, with this in mind, it is a good idea to flesh out all of the different design components prior to purchasing any individual item. This will give you time to imagine how these elements will all work together, such as matching curtains to your home’s aesthetic. Don’t worry if you aren’t a visual person.  Another way to sense check your style is to create a virtual mood-board showcasing all of your chosen components.

The biggest question which is plaguing most people who are decorating their own homes is how to match their window dressings to their decor and overall design. Questions we get asked include; do you match your curtains to your wall colour? Are natural tones trending? How can you make your window dressings a key statement piece in your room’s design? Therefore, before you buy multiple pinch pleat curtains online, to try every option have a read of the guide below to help inform your decisions.

Ways to match your curtains to your decor

There are a few general rules of thumb when it comes to choosing curtains to match your rooms aesthetics. All of which can work well from a design perspective but are subject to your chosen creative direction.

  1. Choose curtains which match your wallpaper or paint colours.

This is almost always a fail-safe option for most rooms and decor styles. The reason being is that it makes your window and its dressing blend in with the rest of the space allowing a seamless flow around the room to be created.

Although the colours can be similar to the wallpaper or paint hue variation can be created by playing with the texture or weight of the fabric, as well as choosing pleats or layering your curtains to add depth.

  1. Choose neutral window dressings.

Similarly to the subtlety of matching your curtain or blind colours to the colour of the decor natural or neutral tones will also have a similar effect. Giving the colour palette some variety without the addition being too jarring or overt. One suggestion is to try to match the neutral tones to any natural items in the room, such as wooden furniture, tones used on the skirting or cornices thus creating a link to other areas within the room.

  1. Choose bold curtains which create a juxtaposition against the rest of the decor.

If you are feeling daring or want your window to be the key focal point of your room this creative direction could be for you. Using fabrics and colours which stand out can create instance attention, drawing people into the room and at the same time framing the view out of the window. If you are going to choose this option make sure you choose your colours wisely. There are a number of free tools online where you can enter in your wall colour and they will recommend contrasting colours. With this option, in particular, it is worthwhile considering how much weight you want the curtains to have on the overall room’s design, and how much you are willing to invest in this signature piece of decor. As it may be well worth investing in a bespoke curtain pattern or design given it is going to be the star of the room.

Anyone of the three styling techniques detailed above will add to your home’s aesthetic and become the perfect window dressing to add flair to any of your rooms. Just remember not to combine these three techniques in one room.

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