We may be soon driving Hover Cars

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We may be soon driving Hover Cars According to Toyota’s current research.

In recent years technology has advanced at a pace that we couldn’t have perceived possible even ten years ago. We have Google self-driving car, footwear that charge your mobile phone, and now there are speculations that we are near the doors of Hover Cars being the norm on our streets.

Apparently, Toyota is looking into making this futuristic car a reality. According to The Verge Toyota is said to be ‘investigating’ the idea of hovercraft-like vehicles. Hiroyoshi Yoshiki, a managing officer over at Toyota, said in a recent interview that the automaker is working on a concept that will bring the car a little bit off the ground to reduce friction. So basically, whatever they come up with won’t be a “flying” car, but more of a hovercraft.

After revealing that Toyota has been investigating the technology surrounding this type of vehicle, Yoshiki decided not to elaborate on when this might actually exist.

Despite Yoshiki being unforthcoming, there are rumors that Toyota plans to materialize this futuristic car at some point in time. Until then, we’re just going to have to leave our futuristic-oriented fantasies in the hands of Google, who is on path to manufacture the world’s first self-driven car.

However, even Google’s self-driving car faces numerous challenges, costly sensor technology and compliance to local and national laws. All these innovative companies need to first convince the government that their new vehicles can safely work alongside normal cars.


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