Memorable Holiday Party Themes for 2018

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Memorable Holiday Party Themes for 2018

The Christmas season represents the time of year when companies and individuals host all types of holiday parties.

The traditional theme for any Christmas party consists of green, red, and white colours. Perhaps there are reefs and Christmas trees in the room that have all sorts of colourful decorations on them.

However, people are getting just a bit tired of the same old traditional holiday parties. We live in a new age where people love controversial or unusual things.

That is why for this holiday season, think about throwing a memorable holiday party by giving it a unique theme.

Below are the top 10 themes that you should consider using for your 2018 holiday party.

1) Cookie Theme

Host a holiday party that revolves around cookies. You can bake all different types of cookies that are all different shapes and sizes.

Shape your cookies to look like reindeer, Santa Claus, and elves. The flavours can include chocolate chip, cinnamon, raisin, whole wheat, M&M, and so on.

Encourage your guests to bring their own cookies so that they can be shared with everyone else.

2) Novelty Mug Theme

If you go to any novelty store, you’ll find a lot of funny holiday mugs. Make your party guests laugh by organising your dining tables with these funny mugs.

You can make them all holiday-related if you want to, or choose the funniest ones you can find.

3) Costume Theme

Dressing in costumes, doesn’t need to end on Halloween night. Have a holiday party where your guests dress up as their favourite Christmas characters.

Then you can video record the event and play it back at the end of the night for everyone to see and enjoy. Costumes always make for a fun party.

4) Winter Wonderland Theme

Turn your party into a Winter Wonderland where all the food and objects are white. This includes the cups, plates, cookies, cakes, silverware, flooring, tables, and walls.

If you can dress up in white clothing and have your guests dress in white, that will be even better. It will appear as if it snowed at your venue.

5) “A Christmas Story” Theme

“A Christmas Story” is a classic holiday movie that most people have seen before. It is about a boy who wishes to get a BB gun for Christmas, but everyone keeps telling him he’ll “shoot his eye out.”

However, the magic of the movie comes from the themes and characters themselves. The most famous object from the film is a lamp that looks like a woman’s full-sized leg.

If you go on the internet or look around at a novelty store, you can probably find this lamp for sale.

Set up a party where you have multiple lamps like this spread around the venue. Have cookies and cakes with the title “A Christmas Story” written out in the same font as in the movie.

You can also serve candies that were in the movie, such as Bazooka bubble gum, black liquorice, and candy buttons.

6) Candy Cane Theme

Candy canes are a classic that represents Christmas. But you should go a step further by incorporating candy canes into all aspects of the party.

You can have variously flavoured candy canes, chocolate covered candy canes, candy canes baked into cookies, and whatever else you can come up with using your imagination. Also, hang them up as decorations throughout your venue.

7) Ugly Sweater Theme

Ugly sweaters at Christmas time are kind of an inside joke. Most people always had that grandmother who gave them an ugly sweater for Christmas.

So, have a holiday party where everyone dresses in their own ugly sweater. You can decorate it with sparkles, oversized buttons, odd colours, or other creative things.   

8) Fake Beard Theme

The Santa Claus beard is a true symbol of Christmas. Typically, there will be one designated Santa Claus at a party who wears a fake beard and acts jolly.

However, have a party where all the guests are given fake white beards to wear, including the women. This will make things look interesting, and it’ll be a lot of fun.

9) Tropical Christmas Theme

Not everyone wants to think about cold temperatures and snow at Christmas. To take peoples’ minds off this, have a holiday party with tropical themes to it.

Install fake palm trees around the venue and hang ornaments on them. Serve cocktails and other tropical drinks to your guests. You can also pass out leis or garlands that have Christmas decorations on them.

10) Chocolate Theme

Chocolate is a fast way to make people happy. Make your holiday party all about the chocolate.

Just put a Christmas touch to it by incorporating colourful sprinkles and candies on the chocolate, including your cookies, cakes, cupcakes, and so on. Serve hot chocolate and other chocolate beverages too.

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