Men Try To Pick Up Drunk Girl

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 Men Try To Pick Up Drunk Girl.

A video posted on YouTube that shows men trying to pick up a drunken girl has been viewed nearly three million times.

This video gives a terrifying portrayal of the vulnerability of drunken women – and the shocking lengths that some men will go to in order to take advantage of their inebriated state. 

The video, which was created by social media entrepreneur Stephen Zhang, follows a young woman – who is pretending to be seriously intoxicated – as she tries to find her way home from Hollywood Boulevard.

Throughout the video, the young woman, who introduces herself as Jennifer, appears to be sipping from a beer can as she staggers from one man to another asking for directions to her bus stop.

She introduces the video with this words: “I’ve had a little too much to drink,” she says, holding a beverage in a brown paper bag. “Let’s see if anyone will help me get home.”

When Jennifer is approached by her male subjects she says. “Hi. How are you? I’m trying to find the bus to Culver City.”

Shockingly, only one out of five men actually offers her assistance, while the rest attempt to lure her back to their place despite her obviously severe drunken state.

During the shoot, one man grabs her by the wrist. She asks “Where are we going to go?’ He says, “To my house. There’s a bus line right in front of my house.” He continues. “It’s right there. Waterbed, I got all of that.”

Before he gets anywhere with his malicious plans, she straightens out and says, “Actually I’m feeling better now. Thanks.”

He is stunned and seems to say, “What the.”

In another incident two men almost start a fight trying to see who was going to take her to their home.

Only one man appeared to be a gentleman as he helped the girl down the stairs of Hollywood & Highland Centre.

After viewing this video one can conclude that it’s perilous out there for a drunken woman.

Watch the video below and see the dangers women encounter when in a drunken state:



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