Menopause and Sex Life: Is there any Relationship?

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Menopause and Sex Life: Is there any Relationship?

Overview of menopause

Menopause can be defined as the time when the menstrual period ends permanently. It is a common and natural thing that takes place in a woman’s lifespan. The average age of menopause can somewhat vary according to race, region, and nations. According to the statistics, the average age of menopause is 51 in the United States. Menopause can create a lot of difficulties for women. It can affect their day to day life, and it can even obstruct them from living a normal life.

Some of the signs of menopause are mood changes, lack of sleep, fat gain, hot flashes, and more. All of these signs of menopause make the life of a woman really difficult. Now the question is if menopause can affect your sex life or not. We will discuss this issue in the next part of the article.

Can menopause affect your sex life?

Everyone wants to have a wonderful sex life. You want to have a wonderful sex life, even after the years of marriage. The sad part about menopause is that it can adversely impact your sex life. Let’s see how menopause can affect your sex life.

1.Vaginal dryness and soreness

Vaginal dryness and soreness are experienced by most of the women due to lack of estrogen. Because of vaginal dryness and soreness, women feel uncomfortable and pain during sexual intercourse.

2. Hot flashes and sweating

This can really ruin your romantic night. At night, sweating and hot flashes can give lots of difficulty to you. You will experience intolerable heat, and it may be accompanied by sweating. You are likely to throw your bed sheet because of intolerable heat, and you may also experience claustrophobia. In this situation, you don’t want to absorb additional heat from your partner.

3. Irregular periods

You don’t want any sorts of obstructions in your sex life. Irregular periods can make spontaneous lovemaking difficult for you and your partner. You can avoid irregular periods from troubling you a lot if you consult with your doctor.

4. Psychological problems

Menopause can lead to lots of psychological problems. This can lead to stress, anxiety, and mood changes. The study shows that psychological problems can be even worse due to the lack of estrogen. You can’t really enjoy your sex life when you have psychological problems, which means menopause can drastically reduce your sex life.

5. Loss of libido

Some women may experience a loss of sexual desire due to menopause. The study shows that estrogen plays a crucial role in boosting woman’s libido, and due to lack of estrogen, women also have a lower sex drive than usual. Your partner won’t have an interest in having sexual intercourse with a woman who has no sex drive, and it causes lots of relationship difficulties. You can try some good products to tackle the problem of hormonal imbalance, and one of the best products is Estrosense with plenty of good reviews.

6. Stress urinary incontinence (SUI)

Stress urinary incontinence may be experienced by women during sexual intercourse, and you it may even occasionally arise during the climax of sexual intercourse.

How can you tackle the problems created by menopause?

You are aware of how menopause symptoms can affect your sex life now. Would you allow menopause symptoms to ruin your sex life? If no, then what can you do about it? Well, there are methods to tackle your problems. First of all, you should not feel uncomfortable to talk about your sexual problems. You should discuss your problems with your doctor instead of suppressing your problems to yourself.

There are vaginal estrogen creams, tablets, which can help in treating vaginal dryness. One of the most common treatment methods to treat this problem is estrogen replacement therapy. However, you should talk to your doctor before choosing this therapy. It may help in reducing pain during sexual intercourse, as it can treat vaginal dryness. You can also try Kegel exercises, pelvic floor therapy, and more to reduce your pain during sexual intercourse.


Having a bad sex life can really ruin your mood. In fact, bad sex life can degrade the overall quality of life. The study shows that better sex life may even result in better cognitive function in the later part of the life. Some of the benefits of sex are an enhanced immune system, reduces the risk of heart attack, lessens your pain, and more. When your sex life is ruined, you are no longer able to extract the benefits of sex anymore.

What can you do about it? I have mentioned the ways to tackle the problems in brief. You should definitely try them because staying passive won’t solve any of your problems. When your problems are reduced, you will obviously feel a whole lot better, and you can enjoy your life once again.


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