Men’s Clothing- What To Adopt And What Not To

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It is always felt that men are way behind women when it comes to dressing, shopping, and gossip. Do you agree with it?

Well, keeping to the dressing aspect, men have now worked really hard to be where they are today in the industry of fashion and clothing. They now make sure that they are up-to-date with the fashion trends and also know how to build their own style quotient using the basics of men’s fashion. However, there are still things that can instantly bring down your status from fashion-conscious to fashion-disaster.

What are they? That’s exactly what this post talks about and will detail you about. This blog would lay down all the clothing articles or styles that need to be skipped right away as well as what can be worn in place of that to get the right style.

Skip floral prints

Floral patterns might be the popular thing on the fashion runways, but men wearing them will always be criticized. Once introduced, the floral patterns have been copied tens and thousands of times by other brands. Floral prints have always been termed for females and the delicate patterns. Hence, it is advised to you that you must stop wearing these prints right away. We do not say that wearing floral prints is not for men, but guys who deck up in all flowery (including shirts, shorts and another article), we forbid that. In fact, you keep your center of focus on one thing and use flowery pattern in that.

Very short shorts

Oh yes! Men have actually taken the word shorts way too seriously and have come out wearing men’s underwear looking shorts. You would have seen men wearing barely-there shorts during the summer months. Shorts, in general, must cover at least the thighs and come up to the knee when they are for guys. They are the current trend that streamlines the legs and make it up to the fashion-conscious males. Hence, it will be wiser if you could avoid underwear-length shorts. Rather than opting for them, you can go for mid-thigh or knee-length trouser shorts that look more like short pants. Let them be comfortable and roomy in order to avoid sweat accumulation.

Slogan printed tees

Have you seen those weird looking tees with out-of-the-world slogans that can just kill yours with one stroke? Well, you’ll find many guys out there sporting them in public for they find them quite intriguing and appealing. Well, sorry to say that they don’t know that the people who read them are almost killed by the looks. Teenagers wearing them is still understood because they’re in the learning stage but adults should really throw them away. However, solid tees with just the brand logo or a sophisticated design would be way too better than the tacky printed slogans. Make sure they fit you well in order to look great on you and define your physique.

Wrong sized men’s underwear

Men’s underwear is one of the most basic clothing article that has to be correct. If not, the entire day can be ruined because of the constant adjustments. However, there are men who know that they are not comfortable in their skivvies, yet try to wear them time and again. Well, they don’t know the consequences of wearing the wrong sized apparel style. It is very important to wear the right size to feel comfortable in whatever you wear and in order to do that, the correct size is essential.

With all the substitutes provided for the clothing articles that don’t deserve to be with you; you can now go on and transform your wardrobe and set things right.

Oliviya Dixon

I’m a passionate fashion blogger. I love to write about men’s fashion, love, dating and relationship.

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