Mindful décor: The Importance of Creating a Relaxing Zen Space Full of Harmony and Peacefulness

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Mindful décor: The Importance of Creating a Relaxing Zen Space Full of Harmony and Peacefulness

Personal environment affects us more than we are able to comprehend. In general, messy and cluttered space causes additional pressure and stress. This can actually lead to anxiety and depression. If you feel powerless, moody and tired all the time and your home is a constant mess, this may be precisely the reason why. On the other hand, if your home décor doesn’t match your taste and personality, you may experience feelings of emptiness and unwillingness. That being said, the importance of your home décor and personal environment shouldn’t be underestimated. Since your home clearly influences your mood and energy levels, why not choose a soothing, relaxing and all-round harmonic décor theme? Zen-inspired home décor may be the answer you’re looking for.

Earthy, natural tones

Take a good look at your rooms and the colour scheme that’s going on. How does it make you feel? If you don’t really find the existing colours peaceful and relaxing, it’s time for a change. In general, earthy shades and soft neutral tones match the Zen décor style perfectly. Moreover, colours like these are known for their soothing powers. This doesn’t mean that you have to give up your personal style. If you like minimalism, simple paint strokes can do wonders for your interior. On the other hand, if you like something a bit more interesting, feel free to use patterned wallpaper. As long as it doesn’t make you feel anxious but fulfilled and satisfied, it will match your new décor perfectly.

Soften your space with fabrics

white couch with blue cushions and white walls


The use of fabrics in a Zen environment is essential if you want to soften as well as warm up your home. In general, natural materials such as linen, cotton and wool work best in this case. You should also strive to choose fabrics in natural, earthy colours but go ahead and create a gentle contrast with your walls. So, feel free to spice up the look of your rooms with light and breezy curtains. Creating a canopy bed for your bedroom is also a great way to use curtains. Add decorative sofa and seating cushions. Also, don’t forget to warm-up your feet. Now, this is a very interesting tip. In a Zen-inspired home décor, it would be best to opt for soft round rugs instead of rectangular ones. Basically, round shape feels more comfortable and pleasing to the eye compared to a rectangular one.

Adjust your lighting

bedroom window looking out onto other buildings

Lighting plays a big part when it comes to comfort. When Zen lighting is concerned, it would be best to install dimmer switches so that you can adjust the level of brightness yourself. In general, overly bright white lights are not at all relaxing. You may want to look into the differences between white and yellowish lights as well. The latter will make your home appear warmer but you should test this out on your own to see what suits you best. Metal and overly modern lamp/chandelier shades and covers don’t match the Zen-inspired décor all that well. There are plenty of tutorials online on how to create your own Zen-inspired shades so that you don’t go over your budget for this one. Consider adding scented candles to your rooms as well since candlelight is known for its soothing abilities.

Decorate accordingly

outdoor zen decor with curtains, wooden deck, pots and cushions


Your furniture should be simple and sleek, but if that’s not the case you don’t have to replace all the pieces. Furniture covers, as well as re-upholstery, can transform the look of your furniture. Curtains, rugs and cushions together with candles were already mentioned as an effective décor in a Zen-inspired environment. However, don’t go overboard with other decorative accessories. Zen décor, is characterised by the lack of clutter. A wooden frame painting featuring natural sceneries, just a couple of decorative wooden pots and figurines, and incense burners are perfect for Zen décor. As you can see, you should try to use as much wood as possible in your décor. Therefore, try to hide the cables from your electrical appliances since they can disturb the harmony you’re trying so hard to create. Of course, green up your space with your favourite plants and flowers. Still, avoid those with overly bright and vibrant leaves and buds.

Now that you have your home organized and decorated in a Zen fashion, it’s important to keep it that way. There’s no room for mess, clutter and dust if you want your environment to encourage mindfulness and peacefulness.


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