Minimalist Approach to Interior Décor – Clear Lines and Natural Colours

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Minimalist Approach to Interior Décor – Clear Lines and Natural Colours

The difference between people is reflected in many things. From our lifestyles to what makes us tick and everything in between. While some people love eclectic designs and thrive in organized chaos. Others cannot function properly in a cluttered space. This is where minimalism steps in to save the day. Applying this approach to interior design can be very beneficial for people who need the order to be productive. If you’re one of them, we’re here to help you achieve this with natural colours and clean lines. A minimalist approach to interior décor – clear lines and natural colours. Take a look.2

Achieving maximum functionality

Many people consider minimalism to be bland and boring, in addition to being associated with austerity and laconism. However, the practitioners of minimalism understand that it is all about achieving maximum functionality. The goal is for every single item in the house to have a purpose. That also includes décor so it might be time to get rid of things you no longer use or like. Making sure that every piece has a reason to be there is the best approach to minimalism – this way, your home will not be cluttered with things that just collect dust and you will achieve more with less.

Opting for quality over quantity

Minimalist Approach to Interior Décor – Clear Lines and Natural Colours

Continuing with the theme of less-is-more, the pieces that you do choose to incorporate into your home must be of top quality. If you have only a select few items, you better make sure they will perform on the highest level possible. This is why you must carefully consider what you want to spend money on and ensure it will have a purpose in your home, in addition to lasting for a long time. Some pieces even look better as they age, as patina plays a huge role in their aesthetics.

Incorporating a natural colour palette

It is well-known that minimalism prefers soft, neutral colours that evoke a sense of tranquillity and are not overwhelming. While white, off-white, grey and beige are the most popular colours in a minimalist home, it’s okay to get some other colours, such as blue or yellow. As long as these shades are pure, you can still achieve that minimalist vibe. In case you’re not sure which colours are the best for your Australian home, you can talk to Sydney house painters to get some useful advice. Furthermore, this does not refer only to the walls, it can be applied to your floors, furniture and décor. You can introduce a bright shade here and there but be aware of the effect that would create and ensure that it will complement the neutral tones of the space. The line between sleek minimalism and contemporary style can easily be blurred so be careful.

Thinking about the flow

Minimalist Approach to Interior Décor – Clear Lines and Natural Colours

Another characteristic of minimalism is that all the pieces that are chosen for a specific space are supposed to go together well without any of them especially standing out. The flow between the elements is quite important in order to achieve harmony. Minimalism is known for using clean lines and this is one characteristic you should look out for when choosing pieces. Squares and rectangles are the basic shapes which will allow for a much easier decorating process. Keeping everything in a similar colour scheme will also tie the room together.

Keeping it cozy

Even though minimalism includes simplicity and neutrality, that does not mean that your home will be too sterile and cold. There are many ways to decorate your home to achieve a comfy vibe. Start from the floors. The two most popular types of flooring are wood and concrete and sure, that can sound too cold – but nothing is stopping you from putting in a square jute rug in the room, which will add some warmth. The same goes for curtains, make sure they are simple with straight lines to match the minimalist feel. Last but not least, don’t forget about the importance of different textures which will add some more warmth. You can incorporate them through several useful throws and pillows.

Hopefully, these several tips are enough to inspire you to take the minimalist approach to design your home. If you’re someone who can’t stand over-cluttered spaces, this is sure to work in your favour, so give it a go.

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