Most amazing backyard party ideas – decor tips & DIY ideas

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Most amazing backyard party ideas – decor tips & DIY ideas

Get ready to host amazing outdoor parties this summer! Take inspiration from these decor tips and DIY’s to create an awesome setting for your memorable outdoor gathering. The most amazing backyard party ideas – decor tips & DIY ideas.

Improvise a bar

Create a beverage station and put it on the opposite side of the foods so that you guest mingle around every time they are ready for a refill. Buy those thin plastic cups that look just like the glass ones, stock the bar with colourful straws and plenty of ice. Place alcoholic beverages in a large metal pail filled with ice to keep the drinks frosty and fresh. Inspire guests to make their own cocktails, leave a cocktail manual next to your bar and make it fun.

Most amazing backyard party ideas - decor tips & DIY ideas

DIY table lights

Decorate and light your table with bottles that are used as candle holders, slash centrepieces. It will give a special touch to the atmosphere (romantic, of course) while it will look completely casual and the best part is that it is completely reusable. Once you decide bottle candle holders are passe you can simply recycle the glass and voila!

Most amazing backyard party ideas - decor tips & DIY ideas

Fruit vases

Speaking of table decoration, you can robust watermelons and use as vases for the flower decoration. If you are planning on using watermelon for lemonade, cocktails or just as finger foods don’t throw the peel away, simply use it for the day. It will give a whole new unexpected yet easily done party decoration look that will wow your guests. Do the same with the hollowed-out pineapple rinds or use it serve various fruits.  

Most amazing backyard party ideas - decor tips & DIY ideas

Watermelon Keg

Another genius way to use watermelon peel is to make it into a keg. This party idea is always a winner because a) it looks awesome and b) it gives a tasty flavour to any punch or fruity elixir you put in it. Grab the biggest melon you can find, load it with your favourite drink (add a lot of ice) and add a little tap!

Most amazing backyard party ideas - decor tips & DIY ideas

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Refreshing bite-sized fruits

Use a melon baller to carve out fruits like honeydew, cantaloupe, watermelon or all of them. Put them in the freezer and you will get tasty cold bite-size fruit that will give a special, delightful aroma to beverages. Add a few edible flowers and create the most awesome drinks ever!

Most amazing backyard party ideas - decor tips & DIY ideas

Set up a picnic area

Move your party from the traditional guests at the table and create a picnic area in your own backyard. Place a few colour compatible rugs, pillows, poufs and picnic blankets to achieve a casual seating area for your guests that will create a laid-back party vibe, perfect for friends with kids. Instead of table use trays that will give you a firm grounds to put your beverages on and avoid spilling.

Capture the moment

You know how sometimes you feel so great in that one special moment that you wish you never forget it, well, thank heavens we have cameras to capture and always come back to it. So, make sure you have your camera ready for the party to take many candid photos of your gathering.

Most amazing backyard party ideas - decor tips & DIY ideas

A great way to make your party memorable is to put a little effort and rely on a GIF booth hire team to bring the fun! Not only your guests will have the best time ever goofing around and posing with props but also you will get a unique photo album of your wonderful gathering. Also, you can place a Polaroid camera or two on the table and let your guests take candid photos of the atmosphere and take some of the snaps home with them!

Prepare the essentials

Fill up a basket with necessities to keep your guests comfortable all day and into the night. Leave the essentials such as sunscreen for the day, bug spray (just in case), wet wipes, light blankets (if it gets a bit chilly in the evening) hats and flip-flops if somebody needs to switch the uncomfortable shoes. It will for sure make your guests feel pampered!

Light it up

Decorate the trees, decks, pergolas whatever you have in your outdoor area with string lights to get a perfectly lit up space when day party turns to night one. If you set the table underneath a tree, hang lanterns on tree branches, and place tea lights all over the table centre. If you don’t have anywhere to hang your lights, well, improvise. Fill some buckets with stones, place branches in the buckets and hand festive party lights around the ‘party area’. And you will be all set to continue partying!

Most amazing backyard party ideas - decor tips & DIY ideas

Follow these DIY tips and prepare yourself for the best party ever! And don’t forget to smile in the photos!


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