Most Amazing Locations for Whale Watching in Australia

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Most Amazing Locations for Whale Watching in Australia

If you’re interested in amazing whale watching; Australia is the perfect place to do just that; as nearly 60% of the world’s whale population can be seen from different destinations in Australia. They migrate twice a year – to and from Antarctica. The aim of migration to warm Australian waters is; mating and giving birth, as the calves can’t withstand the freezing waters of Antarctica. In the long whale season, which lasts from May to November; you can see distinct kinds of whales from diverse locations. Including humpback, southern right whales, minke whales as well as rare blue whales.  You can enjoy this spectacular sight from the beach, the surrounding cliffs, or from a ship; which is a truly unique experience. Some of the most astonishing destinations to visit in Australia for whale watching. It includes; Perth in Western Australia, Sydney in NSW, Adelaide in South Australia, Brisbane in Queensland and Melbourne in Victoria. Below is a list of the most amazing locations for whale watching in Australia.

Perth, Western Australia

Perth and its pods of whales are certainly one of the top destinations to visit in Australia for whale watching. The perfect months for this trip are from June to November. When it comes to Western Australia, the best place for spotting whales is in the south of the country; near Perth. For instance, you can see humpback whales and southern right whales swim in the magnificent Flinders Bay from early June. On the other hand, in September you can watch rare blue whales with their young ones in Geographe Bay. Moreover, Albany’s scenic bays are a temporary home to southern right whales, who go there for mating and calving. Just two hours away from this spot is the world-famous Bremer Bay; which is the place for the biggest gathering of killer whales. You can go on one of the Bremer Bay killer whale tours and see this magnificent occurrence.

Sydney, New South Wales

From May to late November, Sydney is the perfect destination for watching some passing humpback whales travelling further north. If you’re lucky enough, you can even see them from the coastal track. There are certain weeks in this period when you can see most of them. They are the last week of June and the first week of July. Again, in early September you can see mother whales with their young ones passing by Sydney back south. The best vantage point in Sydney is The Gap in Watson’s Bay. On the other hand, the best spot for whale watching outside the city is in Jervis Bay; which is 3 hours driving away from Sydney. It’s a certain spot for watching whales in calm waters. There are also a few other great outlooks. There are also boat cruises you can take and enjoy the experience even more. The town of Eden even celebrates the coming of whales with the Eden Whale Festival. The locals produce stalls, live shows as well as a parade. It’s worth the visit.

Adelaide, South Australia

Near Adelaide is a significant historic point of Victor Harbor. Colonials appreciated it for its sheltered waters, whales, and rich lands. Visitors come to this picturesque city to swim in crystal-clear waters, to observe amazing wildlife; including southern right whales who come there for breeding each year. The Encounter Bay offers some amazing lookouts atop the cliffs for watching whales frolic in the waters below. There is also a possibility of booking a tour for watching them play with their calves; even further out in the waters. There are group and charter cruises that depart from Victor Harbor and Adelaide. Moreover, there are also some platforms further south, which are also great when it comes to watching whales somersault. If you’re in South Australia, this is something you shouldn’t definitely miss out on.

Brisbane, Queensland

From May to November, Queensland’s hot spot for whale watching is at Harvey Bay, which is around 300 miles north of Brisbane. This serene place is protected by Fraser Island, offering a great spot for humpback whales to mate, breed, or nurse. If you want to see cute baby whales, then you should organize your trip around the first week of September. They also celebrate the arrival of humpback whales with the Hervey Bay Whale Festival; with all kinds of performances, concerts, and street parades. For adventure lovers, the further south you can head to swimming with the humpbacks. You can even book swimming with the dwarf minke whales.  It is the only place in the world where you can do this with these smart and curious creatures; in short periods in June and July.

Melbourne, Victoria

Drive along the Great Ocean Road, three hours away from Melbourne, and you’ll reach Logans Beach; which is an ideal spot for southern right whales watching. They stay here for a few weeks with their young ones; until they are strong enough to head back to Antarctica. In some parts, whales come so close to you that you can even get sprayed with water! In yet another spot, you can see the rare blue whales near Portland.

Whale watching is a unique encounter everyone should experience. Especially when in Australia, as it is not something you can see everywhere. 


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