Movies that will inspire you to travel

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Movies that will inspire you to travel

Tired of the same old, same old daily routine, feeling the burning desire to go somewhere in the world looking for adventure? How do we get started, aside from having a bit of cash on the side, on this adventure?

When we hear, see or watch a movie of someone who has ventured out into the world and come back with a new appreciation for life and themselves, we get inspired. We all want to go somewhere new, to experience excitement.

Where do we get our inspiration and motivation? In movies! Here are a few examples of movies that might stir you into action and make you take that trip you’ve been dreaming about for a while now.

#1 The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

The music and the whole dream-like feel of the movie reiterate the holiday feelings. Where your mind moves in and out of potential dream frames. You’ll get a two-hour epic escape from you monotonous reality and if you love skateboarding, you have here a truly beautiful ride through Iceland’s beautiful landscape.

If you manage to book a trip to Iceland you can also do as Walter Mitty did and skate, bike ride through Iceland, but if you’re fitness is not at its peek consider renting a car.

Before leaving, please do not attempt the crazy stunt of jumping from a helicopter into a moving boat in infested waters.

#2 Wild

Walking alone for three months in the middle of nowhere is not exactly everybody’s cup a tea. If you are contemplating taking time out to find yourself, Mexico to Canada via the Pacific Crest Trail, is a great trip to take. Weeks or months spent in nature are good for body and soul. It’s undeniably a remarkable physical and psychological achievement. You are certainly to find yourself.

Pack wisely. Long distance hiking on the PCT should not be underestimated. Prepare physically with some sort of training and also never underestimate your water consumption.

#3 Eat Pray Love

A woman travels the world to eat, to pray and to find love. Sounds like this woman is reading everybody’s mind. Food tastes better when you have time to savour it. Praying means so much more when you have time to unwind down and get to that meditative place where peace surrounds you, and love finds you when your heart is in a quiet and happy place with no other stresses clouding it beat.

Go to India, Italy, France and just experience life through your taste buds, which will enrich your spirituality and your emotions. Food is sustenance for life in all its dimensions.

#4 Bucket List

Hospitals, terminal illnesses and tragedies are great instigators for dreaming up bucket lists and dreaming about traveling. Mostly, for getting you into action and go do what you’ve wished for all those years. Preferably, you do not wait till these tragic times to get fulfilling your bucket list and start travelling. Though of course, it helps to have rich friends to fund it.

Where to go? Answer is in your heart’s desire. It could be anywhere; Paris, Africa, Taj Mahal, Mt Everest, India, China.

#5 Track

Takes courage and a true desire to find yourself and brave to walk the unforgiving terrains of the outback. What drove Robyn Davidson to walk through the desert? She just felt the need to live and feel alive.

For the rest of us who are just curious to see the beauty of the outback, without enduring the physical hardship, a train trip will do us fine.

Once the travel bug hits you nothing else seems more imperative. If finances allow you travelling will only enrich your mind, soul, and break out of your shell.

Explore another culture, travel to a new place, be inspired by your own ability to overcome your uncertainty. We travel to find ourselves. And you’re out there somewhere just beyond the horizon. Now go, explore what’s out there in you!

Remember to plan your trip well and go out there and have fun at the pace you choose to.


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When she’s not busy writing, Tina is exploring the city she adores, running in her local Park every day, drinking an absurd amount of coffee, taking care of an adorable pup, kids and traveling.

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