Moving To Melbourne? 5 Tips For Newcomers To Australia’s Second Most Populous City

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Moving To Melbourne? 5 Tips For Newcomers To Australia’s Second Most Populous City

Melbourne is been ranked the most livable city in the world more than once; the only way to really understand the appeal of a Melbourne lifestyle is to experience it first-hand! Once you move to the Victorian capital, you will face an abundance of opportunities with your living options; leisure, work and more. Here are five tips for newcomers on how to best navigate your time in Melbourne. Moving to Melbourne? 5 tips for newcomers to Australia’s second most popular city.

1. You will be spoiled for choice with food options

Known as Australia’s gourmet and culinary capital, the food scene in Melbourne is culturally diverse and very well developed. From food and drink festivals, fantastic street food, passionate local vendors, specialty stores, and a world-renowned café and restaurant culture; you can easily base your work and social life entirely around the food; especially when it comes to celebrations. If you ever want to give a gift that’ll please anyone, the best hampers in Melbourne showcase a range of local, award-winning food products.   

2. You seriously don’t need a car in the city

Car-related costs can be really expensive in Melbourne. Fortunately, if you’re living and working in the CBD or inner suburbs, you can comfortably forego having your own vehicle. The public transport network is really reliable, and in metropolitan areas, includes trains, trams, and buses that run regularly. Better yet, in the CBD, all public transport is free! By choosing PT, you will cut costs, emissions, and time spent in traffic. 

3. You should leave the CBD for beautiful beaches 

Melbourne is a coastal city with plenty of beaches and ports. While they are convenient when you have limited time on a hot day, if you want to make the most of your beach time, it is worthwhile travelling further out for the quieter and more picturesque spots. 

You don’t necessarily need a car. Some notable beaches with clear water and endless shores – like Mordialloc, Sandringham, and Chelsea – are all accessible by metropolitan trains and are near train stations. Even better shores and surf spots are accessible on the Bellarine Peninsula, Mornington Peninsula, Great Ocean Road, and Phillip Island. Reaching any of these locations will require a few hours of travel from the CBD, but they’re all definitely worth the day trip.

4. Take advantage of constant free events 

It’s not unheard of to scan a local blog or ‘what’s on’ and find an amazing free opportunity happening that day in Melbourne. With a thriving art, music, and sports culture and many active multicultural community groups, there are always free and accessible events all around the city and suburbs. Take advantage of this and check out free entertainment, participate in community events, socialise, and try new cultural foods. You’ll find something to do every day of the week in Melbourne.

5. Join a community group 

Making friends as an adult living in a new city is never easy in the beginning. Travelling and checking out cool events can be a lot of fun and a great way to get to know your new home, but it can get lonely if you don’t make new connections. To safely meet new people with common interests, consider joining a local meetup group in Melbourne

There are existing groups and communities based on specific interests, language-exchange, fitness and hiking groups, and even groups for people who have relocated and are interested in making new friends!


You are always welcome to return to these tips as a guide. In a city as vibrant as Melbourne, however, you are sure to find your own path in no time!

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