Nail Polish Removing Trick

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Nail Polish Removing Trick

You’ll be wondering why you haven’t stumble across this easy nail polish removing trick before. With that said you can throw away your bottle of acetone.

You don’t need to freak out anymore when you need to fix your nail polish and there isn’t any nail remover in sight.

Too good to be true, the skeptic in you cries out! That was my first reaction too, read on and then try it out for yourself!

All you need is a bottle of clear topcoat. Whether you are trying to correct a mistake you made as you were applying the nail polish or you want to remove an old nail polish.

How does it work?

Just apply a fresh layer of clear topcoat, let it bond to the old nail polish underneath and it will make the old manicure wet enough to remove with just a few swipes. It’s that simple.

Watch below PhillyGirl1124 take you through the easiest way to remove nail polish.


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