What does your nail polish say about you

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What does your nail polish say about you

Always wondered why you are attracted to a particular nail colour? Nail polish is a way to express yourself. Your favourite colour sends a message about what type of person you are. What does your nail polish say about you?

Here is the breakdown. Where do you fall?

Black nail polish

Says you are a bit of a rebel, you are a creative type and pretty confident gal as it is bold to wear black. You are someone who is outgoing and live on the wild side.

Sports neon

You are energetic, fun and seek excitement, you are bold and don’t mind getting noticed. You are the kind of girl who is outgoing and loves to party.

Pastel colours

Soft colours like pale pinks, soft yellow and creamy beiges reflect a relaxed person.


You are impulsive and audacious

Pink nail polish

Tells us you are flirty and feminine and a very relaxed type of person.

Dark and Stormy

A rich wine shade reveals a sexy and sultry side of you.

White nail polish

It’s fresh and modern and reflects a youthful spirit.

Cool metallic

Chrome nails, says you are tough and not afraid of anything.

Classic red

If you wear classic shades of bright red, you are sophisticated lass, highly confident, daring and outgoing.


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