Nature Speaking A Short Movie

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Nature Speaking A Short Movie

Earth’s ice has a voice, actor Liam Neeson’s voice, to delivery the urgent message that our ice is dangerously melting away because of the climate change and humans need to take action before it is too late. Nature is speaking yet again to all of us in a poignantly well delivered short movie.

A new short movie, entitled Ice, from environmental organisation Conservation International focuses on the ice in Antarctica and the Arctic, which is melting dangerously fast, one of the most visible factors of climate change. Another poignant short movie from Conservation International’s Nature Is Speaking series.

Actor Liam Neeson lends his voice to personify the ice, who is strong, calm and supposedly slow, attempting to speak to humanity and awaken them to take action. Ice reiterates the message that there have been many signs of climate change. Watch and hear the message in the short movie below:


This short movie is a Nature Is Speaking series from last year, featuring several A-list celebrities lending their voices to personify various aspects of nature. Harrison Ford is Ocean, Edward Norton is The Soil, Keven Spacey is The Rainforest, and many more at your own leisure watch them all in Conservation International.

Conservation International’s Nature Is Speaking series has made another beautiful yet poignant movie, hope we’re listening.

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