Navy Seal Commander Unveils How to Attack Mondays

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Navy Seal Commander Unveils How to Attack Mondays

Have a case of the Mondays? If you’re dreading coming into the office after the weekend, former Navy SEAL Jocko Willink has some simple strategies to help you take on the day. Truth is, we all need strategies to cope with the hardest day of the week, right?

Navy Seal Commander Jocko Willink is here to help and his strategy toward conquering the case of Mondays is – to go on the attack.

In his video for CNBC’s Make it below Navy Seal Commander unveils how to attack Mondays.

Willink believes the best way to start is to take the lead. First, make a list of things that make the beginning of the work week so awful and figure out how to get ahead of them.

Hate getting stuck in traffic? Jacko suggests a possible solution, leave earlier to avoid traffic.

Second, compete. Turn it into a game. How?  Jocko Willink illustrates this point by telling how he would turn even the act of cleaning the gun range as a SEAL into a race to pick up the most brass the fastest.

Reverse your mindset – attack Mondays instead of letting Mondays attack you – sounds simple, right? It’s because it is!

With Jocko Willink’s tips, you can conquer Mondays and get ahead in life. Mondays will no longer run you, you can and will take control of your Mondays from now on.

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