New Biēm Butter Spray Changing How We Eat Butter

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 New Biēm Butter Spray Changing How We Eat Butter

Love your butter but hate the way you have to wait for it to soften? Butter is the healthier choice but is many times turned down for the easier option in the market – margarine.

That is a thing of the past, as the new Biēm butter spray will revolutionise your cooking. This new kitchen gadget will allow you to enjoy the convenience of butter mist without the wait and it will also not compromise on taste. This new kitchen gadget will eliminate the worry of consuming butter with any artificial ingredients or chemical or to go for the less healthy margarine.

Biēm butter spray is the first of its kind, the first-ever butter sprayer that transforms a real stick of butter into liquid spray in just a matter of seconds.

How does it work?

Simply  insert a stick of butter in the top of the device. While holding the sprayer by its silicon handle, aim onto the food of choice  in a steady motion and in just seconds, butter transforms into spray thanks to heat and air. The biēm melts the butter at just 95 degrees without overheating.

Designed with a special nozzle to prevent it from clogging , easy-to-clean where users simply add water and a drop of soap into it and it automatically gets its insides clean. Finally, built with an accelerometer that detects when the user has picked up the device, allowing for an easy on/off option.

Until now, there has never been a way to take a solid stick of real butter and turn it into a handheld spray in seconds, watch the short video if you still need more convincing.


Developing healthier food alternatives is nothing new for Foreman, who has over 44 years of experience in the food business. He is best known for founding Beanitos, the first ever bean-based snack chip in 2010 as well as Guiltless Gourmet, the first ever baked tortilla chip, in 1989, which created a half billion-dollar snack category.

The creator, Doug Foreman  said to PR Newswire.“While there are other products on the market that claim to be butter sprays, none of them use real butter. They are all using either artificial or flavored oil and typically are chocked full of other artificial ingredients. Not to mention dangerous flammable propellants. Until now, there has never been a way to take a solid stick of real butter and turn it into a handheld spray in seconds, period,”


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