OHEA automated bed makes itself

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OHEA automated bed makes itself.

Spanish Furniture maker OHEA has introduced the world’s first automated bed that makes itself.

An unmade bed can make a bedroom look askew. After all, a bed is generally the centre feature of the room. However, the whole process of making a bed – tucking in sheets and rearranging pillows is such a painful and tedious daily experience.

OHEA beds might be the answer parents and argumentative teens have been looking for. All kids remember being nagged by their parents to make their bed. Even for grown ups, making the bed is still an annoying chore.

Built into the base of the bed are a set of robotic arms that with the touch of a button pop up and perform an automated made service.  The whole process takes less than 60 seconds to complete, and although the demo setup includes just one simple blanket and a few pillows, it’s an idea that could easily gain traction given our society’s laziness and priority for other, less menial tasks.

There are so many instances however, that OHEA’s bed could be very useful since there are individuals who are simply incapable of making their bed such as people with disabilities and elderly people.

We invite you to watch the OHEA video demo. You will be convinced and if you are anything like me you will be left with the desire to get one as soon as possible.


The demonstration in the video above leaves one wondering if the bed would make itself had there been a less tidy sleeper in it. Or if instead of light sheets, the covers and sheets had been heavier. Still this is a huge leap for anyone who dislikes to make their bed.


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