Online Interview During the Pandemic & How To Prepare For It

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Online Interview During the Pandemic & How To Prepare For It

The Covid-19 pandemic has made all aspects of life a virtual mode of living. Everything these days are being managed online; be it classes for students, job interviews, getting groceries, or other chores. It has now become a safer option for completing all the necessary processes for survival. Since the demand for employers is rising and the need for jobs is high; even organizations and firms have started conducting online interviews in their physical processing round. Online interview during the pandemic & how to prepare for it.

Given it is more accessible and an at ease process

The spike in the number of covid positive patients has compelled recruiters to hold the interviews online. Which is a safer mode to stop the virus from mutating further. An online interview is a better option. Since most companies are preferring to provide a work-from-home mode to their employees for the safety of both. Conducting an online interview and training will also give the employee an idea of the work from the home situation; making it easier for the employees to work in the new model of work. 

Advantages of online interviews

Although physical presence leaves behind more impact than a virtual interview, there are certain advantages of having an online one as well:

  • A candidate becomes more comfortable giving an interview at the ease of their home because, in a known surrounding, one gets more confidence than in an unknown place amidst strangers.
  • It is monetarily more convenient for both parties.
  • Candidates do not miss the interviews due to the long-distance traveling, and in that manner, the company can interview talents from all across the globe.
  • It is also a safer option in these times, for it is essential that we stay at our homes and maintain social distancing for our safety. 

Things to keep in mind for an Online Interview

Although an online interview can be scary and nervous, for a candidate who will be appearing in an interview for the first time, however, it is easier when compared to the normal mode of physical face-to-face, one on one consultations for the candidate gets to sit back at the comfort of their home and give the interview. But specific tips that can be helpful to ace an online interview are:

  • It is always preferable for the candidate to be familiar with the software in which the interview will be held. The candidate should keep in mind to use a device that the candidate is more used to. It will reduce the risk of nervousness and getting disconnected in between the session.
  • It is always preferable that the candidate goes thoroughly through the process of an online interview. If required, it is suggested that the candidate sits for a mock interview before appearing for their online interviews.
  • The candidate must not panic and be confident with their answers. They must go through all the possible questions that could be asked by the recruiter and have a prepared answer for that.
  • The setting of the camera is critical. The camera should be set in a way in which it feels like the candidate is looking at the eyes of the recruiter and talking. It makes the candidate look more confident.
  • The location of the place where the candidate will be interviewing is very important. The candidate must choose an area where the network is stable to prevent disturbances in between the meeting. The place must also have a presentable background and should have negligible sound in the background. 

It is easier to ace an online interview than an offline one. One must have the proper amount of confidence in presenting themselves and the knowledge of how a virtual interview is held. By following the basic protocols, a candidate is good to go for the interview.

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