Optimal Nutrition for Strong & Flawless Teeth

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Optimal Nutrition for Strong & Flawless Teeth

The relationship between tooth decay and insufficient oral hygiene is more than evident based on both research and our everyday experience. Our teeth will be healthy only as much as we take care of them. It would be wise to invest more time and effort into your oral hygienic routine to prevent possible tooth decay and gum disease.  Here are some efficient ways to nurture your teeth and keep your jaw filled with bright and shiny pieces for the longest. Follow this optimal nutrition for strong & flawless teeth.

Take it easy on the snacks 

To complete your optimal nutrition for strong teeth, avoid snacking on dry foods.

Snacking is a regular part of many diets which advise people to snack more often and have smaller meals. However, this dietary regimen can be fairly harmful to your teeth. The more often you snack on dry foods that don’t encourage the release of saliva that serves as a protection from harmful acids, the more likely you are to introduce acid attacks to your teeth. The most harmful are sugary sweets because bacteria love them even more than you do. If you need to snack on something, then choose cheese, yogurt or fruits and vegetables which can have a nurturing effect. 

Strawberries and pineapples for whiter teeth 

Styraberries are some of the most nutritious fruit to eat for your teeth.

Did you know that you can whiten your teeth with fruit? Mixing strawberries with baking soda has become a quite popular natural teeth whitener very much recommended by a lot of celebrities. Joint together, malic acid from strawberries and baking soda’s stain removing qualities leave you with a fresh breath and a shiny smile. Bromelain found in pineapples has also shown to do the trick. However, if you’re in need of fast and effective whitening, you can rely on non-invasive methods such as the incredibly efficient Zoom teeth whitening. The technique works with reactive hydrogen peroxide gel that whites the teeth in interaction with LED light. After this easy procedure, you can maintain your smile for longer by using the specially provided maintenance kit.

Embrace the vitamin alphabet 

All vitamins are good for your teeth, and here’s why that is so. Vitamin A, C, and D are all crucial for the health of connective tissues and immune functions, while vitamin C also helps collagen maturation, and vitamin D may enhance enamel remineralization. B vitamins promote epithelial cell turnover, and it’s always important to mention calcium as the most valuable substance that enhances tooth structure and strength. Protein and phosphorus will also make your teeth stronger and more sustainable.  Eating a lot of omega-3 fats will help modulate inflammatory responses. You should upgrade your vitamin intake in order to lead a healthy dental diet. 

Brush, brush, brush

Albeit all other efforts that might be effective, keep in mind that nothing will work as well as the good, old toothbrush. Flossing is also very welcome in addition to brushing, because the brush only removes the cover layers of leftover food and bacteria, while floss can reach areas inaccessible with a toothbrush. We have all heard this many times, but what does actually happen when you don’t brush your teeth? An unfortunate series of events that follows starts when bacteria that normally live in your mouth begin feeding on your gums. The more you leave them to it, the more likely you are to catch gingivitis or periodontal disease that both cause severe teeth damage and even fall-out. 

In order to avoid this, make sure never to skip brushing and flossing two times a day. Remember that your dental health will give you in return only as much as you invest in it. Prevention is the key to maintaining the healthiest smile. 

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Lauren LaPorte is a health and wellness writer, plant-based enthusiast, and a nature nut.

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