Peak Performance – 5 Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Turbocharged Engine

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Peak Performance – 5 Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Turbocharged Engine

Deciding to turbocharge your engine comes with a whole host of benefits. Your car sounds cool, and you can even enjoy better fuel efficiency in some cases, too. However, there’s no point in spending money on a turbocharged engine if you are not going to look after it and get the most out of it. Read on to learn some helpful hints on how to get better bang for your buck with your new setup. Peak performance – 5 tips for getting the most out of your turbocharged engine:

1. Use Stress-Reducing Parts 

Turbochargers are highly complicated systems that add value to your vehicle, but also more complexities. If you want to protect it in the best way possible, then consider the value of a blow-off valve

This valuable part prevents compressor surge which occurs when you lift the throttle of an unvented and turbocharged engine. When your turbines are spinning at high speeds once the throttle plate closes, the flow rate decreases beyond the compressor’s surge line. A blow-off valve maintains that flow and stops the compressor from stalling or surging. 

2. Use Your Gears

It can be quite tempting to rely on your turbocharged engine for its raw power and speed but if you’ve got a manual car, then it’s important to use your gears. 

Manual cars are getting rarer and rarer, but many motor enthusiasts still find there is nothing better than powering through the gears for more speed and braking control. Continuing this pattern in spite of your newfound turbo power will prolong your turbo’s life and ensure you get the most out of it. 

3. Check Oil Levels 

Car maintenance is yet another thing to think about during your hectic week, but it’s important. You would be surprised at the number of accidents caused by a vehicle owner’s failure to look after their car. 

So, it’s probably not out of the question to think about your oil levels every time you jump in your turbocharged car for a long drive. Not only does a standard engine need enough quality oil, but so too does a turbocharged one. Oil lubricates your turbo’s moving parts and can extend your engine’s lifespan. Check your vehicle’s handbook to find out which oil is the best, or ask your turbo manufacturer. 

4. Don’t Push It 

If you want your turbo engine to last as long as possible, then treat it with care. Given the cool sounds that it makes when that rev meter skyrockets, it can be tempting to neglect this instruction. However, the harder you push it, and the faster you accelerate, the more stress you’re putting your engine under. Not only can you enjoy an extended lifespan by having a light foot, but your fuel efficiency may improve, too. 

5. Warm Up, Cool Down 

We know, as humans, that we need to warm our bodies for exercise, then cool them down again. Turbocharged engines are no different. Oil works at its best when it’s between 190 and 220 degrees-Fahrenheit. When it’s cold, its thicker viscosity puts unnecessary strain on your oil seals.

Once you return from your cruise, let your engine idle for a couple of minutes before you turn it off. If you don’t, your turbo will likely be past the ideal temperature for shutting off safely. Without allowing that time for it to cool, the oil can turn into sludge, block your oil channels, and wear out the bearings. 

Getting the most out of your turbocharged engine can ultimately be put down to care. Care for your engine, maintain it, and drive responsibly. You can then enjoy getting the most out of it as possible. 

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