Perfect Beach Vacation Packing Checklist- What to Bring to the Australian Beach

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Perfect Beach Vacation Packing Checklist- What to Bring to the Australian Beach

Ready to hit the waves? Here how to pack all the must-haves for your next beach holiday in Australia. 

With mesmerizing sunset and fun-filled activities, beaches brace both youth and old travellers alike.  

The most annoying thing that stands between super excited you and your relaxing beach holiday is “packing”. If you are one among many who find packing dreadful and forget important things while travelling. This ultimate checklist is to make the task less tiresome for you. Keep this guide handy to remind yourself of important things to pack and never forget anything – for a happy vacation. Perfect beach vacation packing checklist – what to bring to the Australian beach.

Beach Tent/ Shelter 

Those who are headed to put some extra hours into beach fun, don’t go without a beach tent. 

If you are driving to the beach destination, you can bring an easy setup beach shelter that keeps you cool at the beaches. 

Beach Hat 

Block the harmful sun rays off your face and avoid tan. If you are planning to hoop around the beaches and coast all day, try to carry any hat as a great saviour for a sunny beach holiday. 


A must-have for any trip, don’t forget to carry sunglasses on your beach holiday. While you have fun in the sun, they protect your eyes from UV rays, glare and blowing sand. UV protected polarized sunglasses are the top pick for the active and fashion-forward traveller.

Also, keep the sunglasses case handy at the beach, it will protect your sunnies from dust and scratches as well as from being misplaced.


To lessen your worry about skin burn and tan, while you relax on a beach bed and sock yourself in the warm sun, invest in a good SPF (preferably SPF30+) sun cream that effectively blocks the sun. Even when you are not feeling the sun, make sure you wear the cream every day when you are enjoying the outdoor fun. 

Especially if you burn a lot easier than others under the sun.

Snorkelling Gear

Beach holiday in Australia is incomplete without a snorkelling experience that tempts you to get close to life underwater. We recommend you invest in good quality snorkelling gear. 

Not feel like buying, find out if your hotel and accommodation offer snorkelling gear with their package or not. Also, there are places where you can easily hire or borrow a snorkelling set.   

First Aid Kit

It’s always best to carry the first aid kit along with you just in case you’ll need them. With important pills and bandages, pack the essential medicines you need to take regularly.

Flip Flop 

Surrounded by a long coastline, Australian beaches call for a long walk. Gear yourself with comfortable footwear, flip flop or thong (known in the local language) for a chilled out day. 

Meanwhile, also pack the water shoes to avoid nasty corals and rocks in tropical destinations harm your feet.

For all the fun-filled activities on beaches, there are a lot of supplies you might be packing. However, keeping them organised is also important to make the holiday a breeze and less tiring. Keep all the essential handy, if possible keep them in separate packing organizers. Make sure you put important documents: passport, ID, mobile phone, charger and sunglasses case in a carry bag rather than luggage.

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