Perils of DIY Carpet Cleaning and Why the Professionals are Better

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Perils of DIY Carpet Cleaning and Why the Professionals are Better

Carpets accumulate debris and dust almost every single day. It is seldom practical to give it the necessary attention on a daily basis. Young children and elders can hardly be trained to keep the dirt and debris off the carpet. In less than a week’s time, your carpet has accumulated enough dirt that gets stubbornly embedded. This makes the task of removing these contaminants even more difficult when you get down to the job, possibly over the weekend. Most homeowners tend to consider the cost of professional carpet cleaning ahead of taking into account the associated advantages. The physical effort involved even in a near-perfect job is demanding even for determined homeowners. Even for such homeowners, the results are not close to what the professionals can deliver.

Another important factor is the cleaning material and equipment that the professionals employ for the job. For DIY jobs we rely on equipment that is available on hand. Their efficiency may be questionable because of age or other factors. Consequently, you spend your energy but get much less than perfect results.

The task gets even more difficult during winter and the rainy days. With plenty of moisture outside the home, footwear tends to bring in more dirt and debris and the moisture around provides a fertile ground for allergens and bacteria to grow on your carpet, potentially leading to avoidable health issues.

What Skills are needed for Carpet Cleaning?

Specific skills are essential for nearly every job and carpet cleaning is not different. When Melbourne carpet and tile cleaning is hired for the job, you can be confident that they will bring along the best in class equipment and skills to deliver an efficient job. Carpet cleaning almost always springs surprise damages on unusual challenges and because of their experience and expertise, the professional has instant solutions for such situations. Homeowners, on the other hand, cannot be expected to have access to such solutions.

For instance, when you start cleaning your carpets, if you suddenly notice major damage, you may not have the necessary means to repair the damaged portion and carry on to complete the job. On the other hand, professionals will be ready with the necessary solution and can complete the job without much ado. Their experience and expertise come in handy to address such eventualities.

Health Issues

When your carpets keep accumulating dust and debris over a period of time, you are exposing yourself to many health hazards. With professional carpet cleaning, you can expect to stay free from the following health hazards in particular.

Dust Mites

For most homeowners, dust mites pose a major problem and many of them are even unaware of it. Dust mites are microscopic organisms invisible to the naked eye and produce allergens which can potentially cause respiratory problems for you and your family. Professional steam cleaning is an effective method to eliminate the dust mites thanks to the high temperature.


A significant amount of indoor pollutants tend to accumulate on dirty carpets, in addition to airborne gases. These particles and gases get released when you walk across the carpet or vacuum. As a consequence, your home can potentially get contaminated. Professionals use special grade shampoo for carpet cleaning to eliminate these contaminants embedded in the carpet to enhance healthy living for you.

Prevent Mould and Mildew

When a  home experiences high humidity, the carpets become an easy target for undesirable fungus. According to medical experts, mildew and mould are responsible for a variety of respiratory problems.  The best way to keep these dangerous elements away is to ensure that your floor is always dry. But during rainy and snowy days it is indeed a challenge to keep the carpet free from moisture. When moisture stays on the carpet for many days, it becomes an open invitation to many health hazards. Professional carpet cleaners can employ high power equipment and tools. To ensure that all the moisture is completely removed and thus prevent the growth of spores.

Important that you find the Right Professionals

When you scout for carpet cleaning professionals, it is important that you align with the right service providers. Undoubtedly, you will find a wide range of service providers when you take help from the digital world. The best way to ensure that you pick reliable and competent people is to compare quotes and also check out the reviews. If you can also speak to some of the past customers of a few chosen agencies, that will further consolidate your ability to work with the most reliable service providers.

This exercise will also help you set the scope of work clearly. So, that all essential aspects of the job are covered and you are not saddled with items that are possibly not needed immediately. Following are generally the most common scope of work when you engage carpet cleaning professionals.

  • Pre-inspection to determine the type of carpet and determining the cleaning process and material to be employed. Encapsulation technique, dry cleaning, and hot water extraction are among some of the more common processes in carpet cleaning.
  • Leather cleaning and conditioning – Similar to your air conditioner and other equipment, your carpets also need to be cared for so that they look their best and they present no health hazards.

Negotiate Prices

Professional carpet cleaning is generally priced on the basis of square foot to be cleaned. Therefore, you should have a broad idea of the area to be covered and exclusions, if any.  At times, you may be focusing only on the living area leaving out the bedrooms. Discuss your specific needs with the agency and compare the quote carefully considering all its components.  In most situations, professional carpet cleaning is best carried out once every six months or annually if everyday traffic is pretty low.

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