Periodic Table of Kink

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Periodic Table of Kink

With the date of 50 Shades of Grey movie getting closer, we thought this infographic by Uber Kinky was appropriate to give us an insight into the diversity of the world of fetishes  and maybe even inspire.

Uber Kinky  has put together the most amazing periodic table. No, we are not talking about that yawny- boring chemicals symbols from the Periodic Table of your  chemistry and science class. We are talking about elements of life, which are much, more interesting: a comprehensive table of fetishes and kinks.

Dmitri Mendeleev, the bloke who formulated the Periodic Law and created the periodic table of element, couldn’t have imagined the impact his work would have on the erotic world. Indeed, who’d have thought his organisation of the chemical elements would one day go on to inspire this masterpiece – Periodic Table of kink.

Now you can see all kinks and fetishes in BDSM by popularity at a glance, as well as a few of the more vanilla activities such as strip tease, tantric sex and masturbation.

It’s great to see more unusual activities featured on a table like this. Instead of merely bondage and spanking there are kinks such as ‘Sploshing‘,Cake Farts‘, ‘Anal Gaping‘, ‘Felching‘ and the good ‘ole ‘Rusty Trombone‘.

Kinks I personally haven’t heard of but like to find out more about it.

Everyone has at least one kink; useless to try to deny it! Half of the mainstream populations has had a crush course thanks to 50 shades of Grey. Bet you also have wondered about all of the other wonderful fetishes out there, how they relate to each other or maybe how they share similarities. Now you can have a look at the table and find out:

From time to time we all enjoy a bit of kink. Hopefully Uber Kinky’s Periodic Table will help  you identify certain activities that appeal to you, inspiring you to try new things maybe. You never know; it may even challenge your hypothesis about certain pastimes.

Whether you’re interested in finding out which fetishes are the most popular, you want to know which category your preferences fall under, or you’re simply looking for some inspiration, the UberKinky  Periodic Table of Kink won’t disappoint.


The Periodic Table of Kink by Uberkinky

The Periodic Table of Kink

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