Plan Your Holidays Around Food.The Rise Of Food Tourism

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Plan Your Holidays Around Food. The Rise Of Food Tourism

Planning your holidays around food and drink is probably the best holidays you are going to have. You know what everyone likes? Eating and drinking!

These days many people are travelling the world to find new and exciting flavours. With foodie culture featuring so prominently in the social media it’s no wonder people are planning their holidays according to their food palate and interest

It’s a growing trend where you’ll spot the food-conscious traveller by the number of food photos there are in their albums, compared to photos of sites and people. They treat their food exploration the same way that they would their sightings of famous architecture, painting or structures and historical sites.

Sightseeing is great and you get to learn so much. However, many hours before and after spent doing sweaty activities, like hiking up mountains, climbing never ending flights of stairs, looking at sculptures and paintings till your head is spinning or shuffling through overcrowded cathedrals leaves you tired and sometimes cranky. There is also some shortcoming with sighting seeing, it’s raining the entire week and parasailing is cancelled. Or there is a huge queue at the museum. Normal vacations it seems can easily go off the rails because they are rife with the unexpected.

When you plan your holiday around food and drink, you hedge against bad weather, and unexpected circumstances.

There are plenty of people who are travelling for food festivals. The Pahiyas Festival in Lucban, Philippines brought in a record –breaking 3.2 million locals and tourists in 2015.

pahiyas frestival

Source: The Pahiyas Festival

The MelbourneFood and Wine Festival pulls in an attendance of over 250,000 each year.

The World’s Longest Lunch at the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival

Source:The World’s Longest Lunch at the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival

The Maine Lobster Festival draws in a crowd of 30,000, while the San Francisco Street Food Festival draws a crowd of around 50,000 yearly. With so many food festivals to choose from people can virtually travel every part of the world to try great food.

The quickest way to get to know a place, to get to know its personality, and to find its authenticity is through its food & drink. Go drink and eat the local culture.

 feature image source: Flickr: Koppenbadger
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