Planning Multi-Day Hikes in Australia That Involve Sleeping Facility

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Planning Multi-Day Hikes in Australia That Involve Sleeping Facility

The continent of Australia is famous for the numerous adventures that it offers. It is home to one of the seven wonders of the world, the great barrier reef. Along with this, it houses several other attractions and wonders of nature. You can plan your road trips here and your itineraries will be filled with several hikes and experiences with the wilderness that are at a whole new level. Planning multi-day hikes in Australia that involve sleeping facility will be a lot of fun. Though heading on to such an expedition can be a lot of fun, there is a certain amount of planning required. You need to jot down the requirements like a campervan, day-to-day supplies like food and clothing supplies, road trip routes and campsites and motels where you can rest, to ensure a smooth trip.

Campervan craze in Australia

Has the travel bug bitten you and you too are now dazed with a campervan craze? Planning a multi-day hike in Australia can prove to be a perfect cure for this fever! You can travel alone, with a friend or with your family, but choose wisely and make your sleeping arrangements accordingly. You will be sharing a very tight and intimate space with the people who accompany you so make sure you get along well with them. Here at Aussie campervans, we can provide campervans, RVs or four-wheel drives as per your requirements. Discover Australia from a fresh perspective and take the road less travelled. So get packing and dive straight into adventure mode.

Research, research, and more research

Before any kind of vacation, you need to plan out your trip’s itinerary starting from your travelling tickets, hotels that you will stay in and restaurant you will eat at. Similarly while planning a camping or hiking trip you have to figure out what vehicle you’ll be eating, where you’ll have to stop for refuelling, what are the famous campsites that might lead you to beautiful hikes and where are the local markets and grocery store to restock on food and water. All this pre-planning will give you a huge advantage when you are exploring new locations. An organized road map and a clean campervan should be your goal as a mess leads to stress.

Make a Checklist

You will require a ton of stuff throughout your journey. Make sure that you note the things down on a checklist. Survival essentials like sleeping supplies, basic utensils that you might need for cooking, flashlights, insect repellants and certain apps on your phone like WikiCamps, Motormouth,, should be a priority on this list. Always plan your meals in time and stock enough water in your campervan. Keeping such things in mind might help you if you wish to deviate from your designated plan a little and will give you the flexibility to slow down if you need to go the hike that your campsite neighbour told you about yesterday. You should be aware of the weather forecast for the days you’ll be hiking. Pack your clothing accordingly. Carry boots that won’t slip in mud if it rains and jackets that keep you warm but mobile as well.

Plan Your Budget

The first thing that you have to do is hire a ride. So set aside an amount for that. Do keep in mind that in Australia you have to pay certain registration fees other certification fees and keep some extra cash around for that as well. Plan well as to how, when and where you can utilize your credit card points and maximize the benefit that you can obtain out of them. Fellow campers and travel bloggers and learn a few hacks and tips that might help you at the last moment if you are stuck somewhere. Also, interact with the locals, they can help you locate the authentic but cheap food stands and farmer’s markets, unknown hikes and about their culture as well. Keeping a track of your expenses ensures that you have a wholesome trip and no regrets in terms of overspending.

Update Your Hike Experience With Technology

Some gadgets are just a hiker’s best friend. In today’s scenario where we are just surrounded by technology and gadgets from 360 degrees. Other than the must-have apps mentioned before there are certain new gadgets in the market that should make it with you to your hiking expedition. The predominant type of gadgets that come under this category is solar-powered products like panels and headlamps that can provide you with electricity and light when the night falls and you are surrounded by darkness. You should also keep water purifying gadgets that can help you access clean water with the help of UV light. Some other protective agents like a sturdy and advanced phone case and a smartwatch armed with strong GPS signals can make your hiking expedition a lot more fun and smooth. These devices are quite handy and can easily fit inside your campervan.

Keep Your Campervan Organized

As I’ve mentioned before, mess leads to stress, therefore make sure that you organize all your gear neatly in your campervan. After a day of long hikes keep your dirty boots off of your bed and in a specified location so that you can find them when you need them early in the morning. Small sorting hacks like these can help you divert your attention and time to experience new things rather than spending hours tidying after you.

Lastly, Enjoy till Your Heart’s Content

The campervan life in Australia is all about living on your terms and becoming one with nature on your hiking expeditions. The most important factor is that you should enjoy to the maximum. Plan well if you are travelling with kids and adjust your trips according to their nap times and make stops at times when they are in their most active state. Make sure that you have an eventful trip and it’s experiences thoroughly fulfil your heart.

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