Plant-Based Cleaning Products – Do They Work?

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Plant-Based Cleaning Products – Do They Work?

Using cleaning products whether they are conventional or green in small amounts and with good ventilation will not make a person sick. Often when people clean a bathroom, for example, they use many different products to do the job. They might use an ammonia-based product to clean the mirror; a bleach product for tiles and then other products to clean the toilet. When people are exposed to large amounts of chemicals, the toxic content can quickly add up. Let’sexplore plant-based cleaning products – do they work?

What are you cleaning with?

When you start considering the dangerous products that you are exposing yourself to; you may start to wonder why you are doing it. When it comes to the health of the planet; it is important to know that these products are causing environmental issues once they are poured down the drain.  Certain compounds that are added to cleaning products can irritate the respiratory system, cause cancer, affect reproductive functions. Can also affect water bodies by depleting their oxygen and lowering the quality of the water. Since there is no real regulation of cleaning compounds; there are no requirements of what to add to the label of these products. People have little to no idea of what they are being exposed to and what they are dumping out into the environment.

There are as many as 80,000 chemicals commonly used in cleaning products and we still do not have any idea about their toxic effects. Avoiding toxic chemicals is the best idea for your health and the environment. People who do not use extremely toxic chemicals are able to stay healthier. There is not much data or many reliable studies about the choice between green cleaning products and regular cleaning products.

Generally, green cleaning products are known to exclude certain toxic chemicals from their ingredient list. Phosphates and chlorine are two products that are not used in green products. If a product is green, the product ingredients cannot be toxic when used. It does not contribute to issues including depletion of the ozone layer, water toxicity, global warming, or air pollution.

Using plant-based cleaners

The good news is that there are some extremely effective cleaning products that utilize natural plant enzymes to clean.  These products are safe for the environment. When it comes to cleaning, in most cases, will outperform their chemical counterparts. Their enzymes are specifically formulated so they can be incorporated into the water at low concentrations; while still being safe for the environment. These products are safe for humans, will biodegrade, and are safe for the water. Enzyme based products work to soften grease and treat odours. The natural metabolic process offers an advantage when it comes to cleaning products. The enzymes that are used in these green products are active for between seven and ten days.  The product is known as “Enzyme Wizard” has been formulated to be totally safe for plants, animals, and humans as it is not created with any dangerous chemicals.

Other companies that manufacture cleaning products are currently working towards making green products that are safer for use because the use of sustainable chemicals just makes sense. Green cleaners can be more expensive, but they are worth every penny in that they are better for the environment and people and you do not need to use as much product to get the job done.

Some green products are not as good as others and you must work a little bit harder to get the same result in the end, but the tradeoff is worth it in the end. While some of the leading cleaning companies are currently working to formulate cleaning products that are safe, some of the more toxic ingredients in cleaning products are being made unavailable to companies that manufacture those products. Some of them have been banned, others are just not as easy to obtain.

Is greener cleaner?

There is an illusion that because a cleaner is green it means that it is not as effective. The truth is that the cleaner works well, but you may need to scrub a little harder to get the same results.  Truthfully, no one needs harsh chemicals to clean, it is just that those chemicals make the cleaning job faster and easier. Green products are less harsh and require some effort but will eventually get the job done.

There are so many television commercials that promote cleaners that disinfect and remove all bacteria, protecting the family from germs. The truth is that it is not necessary to eradicate bacteria, you just want to remove them from surfaces in the home. Disinfectants can cause irreparable damage to humans when they are exposed to them on a continual basis. Maybe it is time to consider using green cleaning products for your own health and that of family.

When you make the switch to green cleaning products; you will find that there is some effort required to get the same result, but products are worth that effort. When you use green cleaning products you will not be left with nasty manufactured odours. Such as pine or lavender that can linger at home for weeks on end. Your home does not need to smell like a pine forest to be clean; it only needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. Products that are created from plant enzymes have been proven to be effective and safe. Making the switch to green products is easy; you are going to notice a difference with your home and health. When you start to use these products and stop buying toxic chemicals to clean home.

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