Pogo Stick is an extreme sports now.

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Pogo Stick is an extreme sports now.

GoPro’s new upload to YouTube on pogo surprised me. I didn’t think pogo could be that extreme. This short video shows how extreme pogo can be.

If you thought pogo was child’s play, it’s because you haven’t seen one of these talented athletes really use a pogo. Like skateboarding, BMX bikes and the likes, pogo stick can be just as cool and fun if you have the skills to make it so. Personally, I can’t even stand on them to make them look like anything fun.

This video shows the world’s best talented pogo riders, doing insane stunts you probably thought impossible. This group of pogo athletes call themselves Xpogo, and they have changed my views on the simple pogo.

Xpogo, is heading to new heights and attracting attention, just in a few days since it’s been uploaded to YouTube it racked up over 80,000 views.

Still don’t believe that humble pogo deserves the ‘X’ before it – Xpogo? Check out the video below and you’ll be the judge of it.


Convinced now? Thought so.


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