Popular Quilted Quilt Cover Sets

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Popular Quilted Quilt Cover Sets

Why not try our Australian designed Quilted Quilt Cover sets this season, we’re sure you won’t regret them.

Why are people taking up this trend?

1. The ability to use with or without a doona/quilt. ( Great as for all seasons – I’ll explain why!)

In summer, the quilted version offers the ability to use it without a doona with just the flat sheet in between. The light cotton filling of the quilted quilt cover allows air to breathe from within and absorbs moisture away from the body.

In winter, the flexibility allows for the use of mid weight quilts added with padding, which creates a nice warm cosy quilt to dive in on those cold chilly nights.

2. Less maintenance

The benefits of having the quilt cover fully quilted –  less ironing and we all know how much that makes us happy.

Even after washing and drying, the new quilting technology makes it very hard to creases thus helps maintain that new look for longer.

quilt covers two

3. Luxe look

This popular trend started end of 2015, but has really taken off since, the look of quilting adds an extra dimension to your bedroom decor.

Visit Manchester Collection for the massive range it offers, where you find other essential accessories including, bedding sheets, throws, cushions, and home décor items to compete your perfect bedroom look.

Want to find exclusive fashionable quilt cover set designs?

Why not have a look at Manchester Collection’s extensive range online for quilted quilt covers on sale now.

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