Preview new boobs with “Holiday Breast”

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Preview new boobs with “Holiday Breast”

Is there such a thing as ‘Holiday Breast’? There is now. A Manhattan cosmetic surgeon Dr. Norman Rowe has come up with a revolutionary method of creating a temporary breast augmentation ‘insta breast’.

It’s a 20-minute procedure in which women have a saline solution injected onto their breast for instant lift. Initially the ‘insta breats’ only lasted 24 hours, but Dr. Rowe now has a method that lasts two to three weeks.

Dr. Rowe says the ‘implants’ are perfect for women who are unsure about having a surgical breast enlargement, or for those who want a temporary boost for special occasions like holidays – the reason why the procedure is nicknamed ‘Holiday Breasts’.

There are other ways of achieving the illusion of large breasts but ‘Holiday Breasts’ will let you see what the weight will actually feel like and what it’ll be like to live with larger breast around the clock.

The only side effect from this procedure Dr. Rowe claims is bruising.

The cost for the 24-hour ‘insta breasts’ is $4000, but Dr. Rowe says the ‘Holiday Breasts’ are likely to be less expensive – offering better value for your money.


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