Proven Tips to Keep Your Kidneys Healthy and Strong

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Proven Tips to Keep Your Kidneys Healthy and Strong

All of us know what kidneys are and their utility. Kidneys are fist-sized organs in the body. Located under the rib cage and on the two sides of the spine. They are vital for the human body, as, without them, the body wouldn’t function. The kidneys help to excrete out the waste, filter the waste, and other impurities from the blood. Then with the help of water, primarily pass it out of the system by storing it in the bladder and then finally letting it out as urine.

Proven Tips to Keep Your Kidneys Healthy and Strong

Some activities that the kidneys do are, they help regulate the blood pressure, salt levels, pH levels, and also the potassium levels for the body. Keeping the kidneys healthy is one of the most important functions of an individual. Since they are such important organs that they cannot be replaced. Which is why kidney failures are taken so seriously? A healthy kidney is a key to a healthy heart, and thus waste can be excreted out efficiently and in entirety.

Some Helpful Tips

Some helpful tips are enlisted below to ensure healthy kidneys. Proven tips to keep your kidneys healthy and strong.

1. Stay Active 

Keeping yourself active, and in some work or activity or the other always helps you to stay fit and always helps you to keep your weight and health in check. Regular exercise, daily and followed religiously goes a very long way. It reduces the risks of kidney diseases, and also it reduces the blood pressure of a person and also helps to boost the blow flow and heart health. Some healthy activities that can be easily done are cardiovascular exercises, like running, cycling, etc.

2. Blood Pressure 

High blood pressure causes a lot of damage to the kidneys. The extreme high blood pressure puts the kidneys through a lot of unnecessary excursions, which then ends up damaging the kidneys. High blood pressure, along with diseases like diabetes, can be quite life-threatening. Hence, it is advisable for individuals to keep their blood pressure in check at all times.

3. Monitor weight and diet

Food and diet, and also the regulation of weight can gradually help the body and ensure kidney maintenance for all times. The weight should always be monitored since obese, and people who have a lot of fat or cholesterol have a higher chance of acquiring such diseases that put out the damage of kidneys as well like heart diseases, diabetes or kidney diseases. A well-balanced diet means that of low sodium, and low processed and less fatty food.

4. Fluids and liquids 

Everybody knows the ever-present rule of having eight glasses of water a day. It has been used since time immemorial. And this is true. As much water you intake, the better it is for the kidneys since the toxins, and the waste can be flushed out easily and smoothly and in entirety. It helps you stay hydrated as well, and also is very good for your kidneys. At least you should be consuming 1.5 to 2 litres of water a day, to keep your kidneys and your health in proper check. The water consumption also depends upon the other attributes of the person, like his sex and occupation.

5. Prevent smoking 

Smoking is one of the most harmful practises done by people, and yet we still do it in spite, knowing the consequences of it. Smoking doesn’t only harm the lungs; it also harms the blood vessels of the body, which in turn harms the quality of the blood vessels to take the blood to the kidneys, which again damages the kidneys drastically. Smoking also induces kidney cancer that might become problematic in the near future.

6. Pill intake

OTC pills are the major reason why kidney damages happen. It is one of the most common reasons. OTC means Over the Counter. Over the counter pills, if taken regularly, can induce and make kidney damage prominent. A lot of drugs like, Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs that also include ibuprofen and naproxen can damage the kidneys of an individual by a lot if the individual chooses to take the medicines and the drugs regularly for headaches and other chronic health problems.

7. Tests always help 

A lot of times, a lot of people within a certain age group, or certain sex, or within a certain occupation, might be prone to getting kidney damage. In such cases, it is best if the individual checks with the physician for some signs relating to it. Some common folk who are in danger of having kidney damage are:

  1. Old people who are over 60 years,
  2. Genetically handed down or with cardiovascular diseases and syndromes,
  3. Obese and people who are bloated,
  4. Genetic history of high blood pressure that has been handed down after generations,
  5. Also, it’s for people who believe or want to check whether or not they have any kind of kidney damage.

8. Alcohol limitations 

Alcohol messes with your kidneys and puts a great deal of unspeakable pressure on them. Hence the alcohol intake must be controlled if you’re a regular consumer — one drink per day for women (as women are more prone to kidney damages), and two at most for men and not more.


Healthy kidneys and the maintenance of kidneys are some of the most important issues today, and it can only be solved once the people become aware of the situation. More than half of the world faces the problems with kidneys, which in turn makes them go through surgeries and medical treatments like a kidney transplant. The best way to keep yourself in check, and to know that your kidneys are doing fine is if you stay and maintain an active, fit and healthy lifestyle, and keep the intake of specific things in check, and in place.

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