Proven Ways to Build Long-Lasting Relationships

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Proven Ways to Build Long-Lasting Relationships

It is the desire of almost every person to have fulfilling, long-lasting relationships, especially when it comes to romantic relationships. However, having such a relationship is no walk in the park, based on the number of failed relationships and marriages. It takes concerted efforts and willpower from the involved parties to build long-lasting relationships. The beauty of this hard work is that it is worth every effort and the benefits are countless.

Here are some ways you can build long-lasting relationships:

Exercise effective communication

Effective communication is critical for the success of any relationship. You and your partner need to be active listeners, which involves listening to each other. To grasp the content of the message rather than to prepare a response or a defence. Having a conversation in an environment that is free of distraction is important. Each party should avoid having a negative perception of the other. It is also important to maintain eye contact when talking with your partner. To observe both verbal and non-verbal communication. You may nod as the other person is speaking to show you are following attentively, rephrase what they say, and seek clarification.

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If you are many miles apart, maybe having hooked up through a dating site, it is important to listen to the other person’s emotions as you speak over the phone or video chat. You need to find out if the other person is stressed, frustrated, sad, joyful or exhibiting any other emotions in their voice or writing. Careful listening or emotional attuning will enable you to easily understand your partner. Also, help you do things that will build an enjoyable and long-lasting relationship.

Sort out conflicts in a healthy way

Are you aware that conflicts are not all that bad in a relationship? You would be wrong to assume that you will never have conflicts in your relationship(s). It is crucial to learn how to solve your conflicts in healthy ways. That is, by discussing them between both of you. The best way to solve a conflict is to begin by stating how much you care about the relationship and the other party. Then look into the facts of the conflict and your feelings about the various issues. You must not blame the other, for example by avoiding using “you,” and give the benefit of the doubt in interpreting their actions. Be ready to change your mind should it come out that you misunderstood some things, and be ready to apologize. Moreover, it is better to solve things by focusing on the future rather than dwelling on the past.

Be willing to compromise

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With the understanding that both of you are unique people with different viewpoints and ideas. It is crucial to choose your battles wisely. Some are unimportant or not worth fighting over, and you should let them pass, while other things need to be discussed. You can compromise by looking at the merits and demerits of the issue together and by picking the alternative that does not hurt either of you. You may also agree to go with the choice that favours one person, and then next time take that which favours the other partner, for example, while choosing which movie to watch.

Maintain honesty and trust

Honesty and trust are important in building a happy, healthy, and lasting relationship. Lack of the two may bring about doubt in the relationship. Some ways to build trust include being consistent in your deeds, keeping your word, maintaining confidentiality. Being there for your partner physically and emotionally, observing and respecting the other person’s personal boundaries, and telling the truth at all times.


Building a long-lasting relationship is not easy, as it requires effort from all the concerned parties. Some proven ways to build such a relationship include having effective communication, solving conflicts properly, compromising, and maintaining honesty and trust.

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