Real and freaky sex injuries

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Real and freaky sex injuries

Sex feels great and is great for you too, but if you aren’t careful it can leave you with bruises, scratches, cuts and even an unexpected trip to the emergency room.

Sex is a physical activity, and like any other physical activities it comes with its risks of injuries, some of which are comical and others scary.

Here are 10 real and freaky sex injuries that might make you tread with caution next time you get down to business:

1.    Broken boner during sex

Ouch! This is definitely a very unpleasant experience. A nightmare no man wants to go through, but it does happen. Men can rapture their penis if thrusting it into something rigid or going at it at an odd angle rapturing the spongy tissue, which causes a penile fracture.  Penis will get purple and huge and only surgery will rectify the problem.

2.    Friction burn

Remember not to skip the lube next time you have sex or both parties will be sorry and have to abstain from sex for a while till the burning subsides.

3.    Cock ring swelling

A cock ring is a great aid in helping keep an erection for longer. However, if you don’t take it off, or you wear the ring too tight, it can constrict the blood supply from the penis causing it to swell. Probably the best choice in rings would be those made of elastic, Velcro as they can be removed easily unlike the steel rings.

4.    Hickey from hell

Hickeys are the love trophies of teenagers the world over, but they could actually be more dangerous than meets the eye. During sex, a New Zealand woman was given a hickey by her partner, and soon found her left arm partially paralysed. Doctors found that her husband’s hickey was so strong that it had caused a blood clot in an artery in her neck, causing her to have a minor stroke. Yikes!

5.    Eye popping sex

During particularly intense orgasms, the extreme increase in blood flow can actually lead to ruptured blood vessels in the eyes, causing temporarily reduced vision. Doctors have reported cases of men and women complaining of reddened eyes and damaged eyesight, with seemingly no clear causes until they confess about the particularly exuberant sex they’d had recently.

6.    Be careful of glasses

When alcohol is flowing one thing leads to another and before you know if there’s broken glass everywhere. Broken glass and sex will definitely result in some nasty cuts and sharp objects stuck in places you don’t want them to be. Be sure to clear away any broken glass before you accidentally roll through it in the throes of passion. Better yet, next time bring plastic to the party.

7.    Inanimate objects or sex toys.

It’s probably a good idea not to try and put objects inside someone that don’t really belong there, like bottles, and cans. Yikes, could turn out to be an embarrassing night at the emergency room.

8.    Losing keys to handcuffs.

A ted embarrassing if you need to call for help when keys get lost and you don’t have the tools you need at home to get off the handcuffs.  The only discomfort you might feel is the humilation of getting laughed at, not bad in comparison to previous examples.

9.   Shower

If you are thinking of getting frisky in the shower, you might want to be cautious as the shower is a notorious place for sex injuries. Shower are slippery and an obvious place for an injury. There have been people who have suffered broken bones and missing teeth.

10. Bumps, breaks and strains

Not all sex injuries are over the top or extreme – a study found that one third of people admitted to suffering minor injuries resulting from intercourse, including bruises, carpet burns, and sprained wrists and fingers.


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