Here Is What Really Happened At The Oscars

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Here Is What Really Happened At The Oscars

It’s no secret we love The Rock, he’s just so cool, funny and he can do no wrong, really.

He can be a very funny, even silly guy when he chooses to, you have to love anybody who can laugh at himself. Plus the guy can sing, did you hear him sing “You’re welcome‘ in MOANA? Even Rotten Tomatoes gave this movie 95%, yeah people! And the big reason for it was the Rock, well, that’s one of the big reasons we liked the movie!

The video below  made by no other than the action star and his Seven Bucks Digital Studios, The Rock, is an excellent example of how funny he can be.

The video is the reaction shot of top-tier stars freaking out as everyone at the ceremony realized that Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway announce  the wrong Best Picture Winner in the most awkward moment in Oscars History.

A must watch for all Dwayne Johnson’s fans, you will left with tears in your eyes.


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